513 Swapsie`s; Ernest`s story
A car, a big old blue Volvo estate swept into Wye station yard and impatiently hooted, the driver waiting for him to stagger over to it half drunk and with flowers and a bag in hand! The woman, a big blousy lady in tweed, thrusting a ham sized hand strongly into his and saying in a loud commanding voice, “I am Mary, I take it you`re “the stud” my wimpy husband ‘lost’ me too!”
He mumbled he was, though he was not sure about the ‘lost me too’ bit but after receiving a hand crushing shake, and an apology for her lateness, being told to “load himself in then!” He climbed in, and they set off for a hair-raising ride through the lanes to the bungalow, a large shaggy, black, and very nondescript hound eyeing him silently from the back seat as if he would be its next meal.
In contrast to Gerald`s predicament poor, Ernest found on arrival at the small holding and bungalow, the big chunky woman had flounced from the car calling her dog (and he had no doubt himself) to heel, which it and he did in no uncertain fashion, the a****l no doubt terrified of the fierce looking woman, and who, leaving him to carry his own case, the flowers and the laptop across this sea of mud, had plodded to the kitchen door, unlocked it and throwing it open hauled off her wellies in the porch.
The place was a shambles, pots pans still on the stove, vegetables in cardboard boxes on the floor, two cats, curled on chairs and another on the worktop, trying to sharpen its talon`s by shredding the remnants of once neat curtains, a hobby which she stopped with a well-aimed swipe of her calloused paw. A telephone and writing pad with a dozen pens atop a microwave. A table, red melamine topped with four matching but utilitarian chairs in the centre of the chaos and in the corner a rake, a broom and a pitchfork leant against the wall. Ernest felt immediately at home, it was what he had been used too before his beautiful Cassy had married him and corrected his sloppy ways.
Two glasses were soon filled from a cask of something homemade and they chucked off cats from the chairs sit and drink the potent liquid, he having been on whiskey`s before and on the train, should have known better, they say never mix grain and g****…she explained, “her name was Mary” and went on, “that she loved a****ls, the dog “Anal” he had met, (he had gotten his name by the engraver who did his collar, it should have been ‘angus’ but the dropped ‘g’…. it stuck she said it was their standing joke.) She also had pigs, a goat or two, a couple of donkeys, oh and a special flock of sheep, Marino’s…and she loved them all, and her husband dearly too, (probably in that order) but well… he had met Gerald… a dowdy little man who was only interested in occasional sex in a missionary sort of way and who till now ‘had had no bloody adventure in him’,” she paused.
“Though,” she went on, “She had long wanted more and she was glad that he had lost her at cards as a prize for a whole week, as she was available, and willingly to do whatever he desired, as long as the a****ls got fed and milked and there was no lasting damage to her body, she was all his!” from which Ernest realised that obvious Gerald had told a porky or two to both him and this amazon of a woman who was now going on to explain that her husband, “was a sexual wimp that only enjoy sex with her in bed at night and in the dark …occasionally… but loved to watch her with her a****ls!” from which he deduced with a smile that knowing Cassy, his mate Ernest was down for a rough and very tiring ride…!
You see Cassey was one of the women in this world that subtly dominate…partly by the use of the sensuous attributes that ‘him up there’ had given her, and partly with the forceful attitude, being the squires spoilt daughter had bred into her this whole controlling attitude.
So, she was definitely the one normally in charge of our Ernest, though naturally he wouldn`t admit it to work colleagues and friends. In fact, he did not ever, in her knowing, step over the line, or else he knew he would suffer at home come bedtime!
Mary though was as far opposite as could be, though in her case it was reluctantly… she was in charge, of the small holding her a****ls and Gerald, though she itched to be controlled or dominated, unfortunately her husband was not the man for that sort of a lifestyle. Gerald her husband of ten years now, was a reluctantly controlled, you couldn’t call him a dom having been brought up after his dad died, by a very dominant mother, (he had a thumbprint a mile wide on his forehead…) but he had been brought up to respect women and all they represent, which Mary was not in truth, that happy about!
Mary desperately hoped that this “winner at cards” was going to be everything she had ever wanted, all her hubby was not, she wanted some sort of brutal hood…just to try her fantasy out, however so far what she had seen was a short pudgy little drunk, who did not look as though he would hurt a fly!
By now it was getting late, the couples eagerness and curiosity by now needing to be satisfied, however our man was feeling somewhat unsteady by now!
She fed the a****ls put the dog out for a moment then, after locking up, knelt beside her new man saying, “I am yours master!” confused a little it not usually being his role, he looked long and hard at her then managed to order her to strip. This she did, revealing a body, very much like the house, slightly unkept. Breasts that sagged against a belly, thick muscular arm`s and thighs, and when she turned… a backside that he knew would ripple beautifully when his hand contacted it, it was something Cassy would never allow. He had her bend over the table, then struck her backside out forcefully. As predicted the fat orbs rippled and her reaction was one of extasy. he knew instantly it was to be a fine week, though he desperately needed to sober up.
The dog watched eagerly, then walked up and licked her dampness like a familiar lover. His laughter echoed round the room, as suddenly he understood. He was usually a habitual Sub, but this week, oh this week, he was going to enjoy every fantasy he had ever had, this was to be a sexual holiday to beat all, and she was willingly going to enjoy every twist and turn!
They clattered up to the bedroom, the dog following and they arrived just as the date clicked over on the bedside clock, they had just got up to bed, as it was midnight, on Saturday 21st March 2020, for him, he knew it was going to be the first day of an amazing “holiday!”
That night they just screwed, both were a bit tired, and in his case pissed, it having been a long day, both felt that they owed their opposite number the use of their body`s more as a duty than a joy, and neither really was in the mood for more than a missionary fuck… though he did manage to pinch her nipples before the climax!
It was not what either of them would have called deep joy or very satisfying, but honour was served and climaxes and seed, exchanged and to an extent enjoyed.
They slept side by side, dog across feet, until he awoke sometime in the early hours feeling horrible and went off to pee, his head thumping, and the dog eyeing him suspiciously both when he got out of the bed and when he returned, though he took courage from the fact it had neither attacked him or, shown him any aggression.
It was seven when he awoke again, Mary clattering into the room with tea and toast, `Anus` dutifully at her heel. Without ado she opened the batting with “I hope you are going to be a lot more assertive than you were last night, it was somewhat of a lack-lustre performance you will admit…”
His hangover took in she was talking to him, holding his head he muttered “sorry I was pissed, but keep the bloody noise down!” he then added “please!” and she laughed in a rather contemptuous way. “fine stud you are, though I must admit it was better than that wimp of a husband even if you were half pissed… ok well you sleep it off and me and him will do what we usually do under these circumstances. With a snap of her fingers, she, the dog, her tea and most of the toast departed to the spare room from which noises that left no doubt `Anus` was getting what he himself thought he was here for!
He nibbled at the rapidly cooling toast, and sipped at the tea, thinking whatever was the problem with this aggressive chunk of womanhood, Gerald must have been worn out by her, his Cassy was an aggressive and controlling bitch, but Mary… wow!
He slept until dinnertime then arose feeling more human. He dressed in tea-shirt and slacks then went in search of his supposed ‘lady.’
He found her in the goat hut, milking one of the nannies, `Anus patiently sat outside the pen watching. She smiled, “feeling better, are we?” it was true he did feel a lot better, but realising his role from what she had said before the wine had struck last night, he answered, “yes, now hurry up and finish that, then get me something solid to eat, that toast was a long way back!” she looked at him like she had just been stung, then realising it was what she had always dreamt of she answered “yes sir, this is the last one anyway!” three or four more squirts and the a****l was empty, and together they returned to the kitchen, he sat watching her cook a good fry up, while explaining, “the eggs and the bacon were home-grown, and she had made the bread too.” He had generated an appetite, and he sat under her gaze consuming one of the tastiest meals he had had, in a long time. “Now… Mary… let`s start again…I apologise for being under the influence last night, I am afraid your wine finished me off!” he paused but she said nothing, so he went on, “have you any more chores to complete today?” she shook her head, he went on, “expect any visitors?” she said, “not today… no!” “OK then is there a reason your dressed then?” she looked taken aback, “I said last night, (or if I didn’t I should have,) in this place when there is no outsiders expected or present, you will be naked at all times, then if I want to chastise you, or take you, you will be available, do you understand?” mouth agape she nodded, there was a pause, then he shouted , “WELL?” unaccustomed to his command`s she looked stunned, then began to undress, there was more to this little man than she had hoped or anticipated. She stood, naked, folding her clothes, no perfect hourglass figure by any means, not like his pretty Cassy, but he though, as he sat checking her out that she was perfect for a holiday!
He could take out all his aggression, and then he could hand her back suitably chastised come Monday week, and they would meet on the train at Ashford at seven on that morning as usual!
They say if you want to make God laugh…tell him your plans…
Sadly, a tiny bug from thousands of miles away had had other ideas but they at that time were not to know that!