`T’and the lad
His lady is a jolly lady, we shall call her `T’ to save blushes. She
has a son of thirty by another marriage, now flown the coup as they say,
so simple maths puts her about late 40`s early 50`s I spose though I am
too chicken to ask and it realy don’t matter as she is a woman who
lives life to her best ability, especially sexually I think it fair to
say! She has a sister, we shall call her `E’ who lives in a London
suburb, well someone has to, and for me I can think of nowhere I would
be less likely to live, but some folks even like it! and as you can I
hope, see `T’ is an attractive if well-built lass who could be any-one`s
housewife next door. 526 `T’and the lad(I can just see you checking, don’t bother, this was taken on her holidays and I am not telling you where she lives!) Anyway, this lady and my friend `M’ got together about 4 years back and one night, no doubt the dark and stormy one of fable… in bed… Yes that got your attention didn’t it, yes in bed, in the early days when they were getting to realy know one another, to his surprise she explained that she had had, well shall we say had a close relationship with her son, whose name by the way is Rodney, (no relation to the Trotters, and he is no plonker!)
Now it transpired that Rodney, had a `thing’ about his mother, and he was a thinker, she was divorced way back when he was just a much younger lad, and he knew she was not and hadn’t been, `seeing’ anyone else, and of late the sound of her vibe and the “oh, oh, Oh’s” were getting more frequent, so our Rodney hatched a scheme to get a bit closer to mummy… as it happened he broke his wrist, his leading one, and they say it is an ill wind that doesn’t benefit someone!
What he did was suggest he was having trouble washing his back in the bath.
Simples you say get him a back scrubber… not our, I would like to say gullible mother! No not her, perhaps she herself had a fancy for our lad, but had not said anything, or perhaps she just wanted contact with another human as her life which was a bit empty, who knows, but bathe him she did, starting with his back, and progressing to the rest!
Either way, that first time our lad was sat hidden in the hot and soapy when she appeared at his bath-side, and without ado just washed his back, and it was all very cosy, his arm in its cast was in a plastic bag resting on the bath-side nearest her, but the other he hoped, not in her sight, was under the bubbles fondling his fair sized tool. She was by now stationed behind him and to the side, scrubbing at his neck for him, and she clocked the slight movement and realises he was having what you cruder fellows call a wank. Smiling to herself she told him to stand up as she could not reach his bum…woops he had not thought of that, but you don’t argue with mum do you, so slowly he rose like Nessie from the deep, so she could wash his arse.
Grinning at his blushes she washed the lads back end, then still behind him she reached through his legs with the warm flannel and washed his balls.
That touch caused instant action his pecker erupting a healthy stream of the old and grey, no other person ever having touched his genitals before.
He cried out “Mum,” in mock protest, but without a reaction she stepped forward and said, “well, well we are a big lad are we not, I had no idea you had grown that much!” she was looking at his wilting tool, and it was she knew causing him a lot of embarrassment, though in truth this had been his intention all along! She lifted the now limp item and instantly it grew to the extent that she commented on its size and that it had been some years since she had seen what then had been his “little pee-pee!” in fact she said “it had been some years since she had had one in her hand at all” and “would you mind if I played with this for a while for old time`s sake?” By now he was as red as a stop sign, and blustering… it was what he had planned and wanted for an age, his mother abusing him, but he had not counted on her being quite so compliant!
He nodded, and she caressed the now rapidly stiffening tool. With the recovery time of rampant youth his second lot of seed in a few moments shot up her arm and to his horror she released him and taking the forearm to her mouth, deliberately licked the emission from her skin and to his further amazement swallowed it with a smile. Then saying “thank you son” she upped and left the room leaving him stunned and amazed!
On his return downstairs she had brewed tea and there was a plate of her homemade cake on the coffee table by the fire, she was in her armchair and his own was opposite in which he sat and like all young lads with a sweet tooth he consumed both cake and tea glad of the diversion. But to his amazement she said nothing about the episode, with the exception of the single sentence said with a steely eye; “What happens in this house stays in this house… got it!” he nodded his yes, and a companionable silence fell, her smile back as she dozed in front of the fire
It was a few days later when he asked if she would help him bathe once more, her smile when she entered the bathroom and found him stood in a bath which had just six inches of warm water in it, and with him facing where she needed to stand, sporting a wide smile and a full erection, was to her a joy to behold. However she told him to, “turn round lad, a body cant reach your back with a prong like that facing her can she,” and with a smile she added “we can come to that later, and thank you, I thought it may have been a one off!” he dutifully turned, with a broad smile on his face, knowing now it was going to happen again!
And happen it did and not just once, once or twice a week for the whole time he had a plaster in place she obliged, usually with a good stiff masturbation session into her cupped hand from which she would lap up the seed and to his joy, then swallow it. Outside the bathroom not a word on this subject was said, and that suited them both.
Then the plaster came off… and it being bath-night, he as usual said, “erm off to my bath then mum!” but was stunned when she said, Well you don’t need me now do you, so off you go…” it was a sad lad who mounted the stairs that night I can tell you. his mind tumbling thoughts of how he could advance things!
The salutary dip over, in his dressing gown he went downstairs, to he expected yet another night of TV, he could hear `T’ humming in her kitchen as he flopped in front of the fire once more. She soon arrived with tea and buns, her answer to everything… he smiled and taking her seat she said, “ I`ve not done anything more this last few weeks, to see if I became popular with your school mates, `cos that way I would have known you were blabbing…!” he stuttered that he never would, and she chuckled that, “she knew that by now, and where should they go from here?” he of course knew where he wanted to go but well was he man enough to tell her…the short answer was NO, so he muttered he, “didn’t know but it had possibilities…” nicely put for a young lad I thought , and with a wide grin she asked, “look lad, nature says you want to learn, about women, not the smutty behind your hand chuckles of the playground, or the fumbles with the few girls you have snogged in the long grass of the waste ground at the back of old Snoddie`s shop, and don’t deny it I`ve seen you and your mate arm in arm with two of the girls from the high school, and did you learn anything…?”
Red of face once more he admitted getting into Janice and Maurine`s clothing had proved like mission impossible, to which she chuckled,” good for them” and then laughed at a memory or two from her own past.
He thinking she was laughing at him indignantly said, “well we at least tried, Tommy hasn’t got to kissing yet, which had her roaring with laughter. However seeing his distress she said, “look lad, how would it be if I showed you round, its not the usual way of learning, I grant you I only wished it was, but if we take it a step at a time, well I can see no harm and to be fair it may be …well beneficial to me…but you must remember to keep the gob firmly shut outside this house, ok?” his eagerness was like electricity in the air, his eyes bright and the cake he was holding was near crushed with his mental anticipation…
“How would it be if we started by always being naked in doors here?” he looked at her as all his birthdays had arrived at once, “Me… and you too? He asked in amazement. Grinning she nodded, “But, no touching unless I say so …ok?” His head near came off with the shear energy he put into his nod that said, that to him it was a most acceptable situation!”
He stood and removed his dressing gown and his PJ`s his errection hard, red, and angry, and it felt strange being naked and unused to the heat of the open fire.
She laughed, then told him to sit and not to spill hot tea in his lap, to which he grinned, then she said, “in a moment I shall undress now just remember I am not looking like the lassies you might have seen in Mayfair or Fiesta or whatever smutty mags you have seen amongst you boys,” he went to protest his innocence but she waved him to silence saying, “don’t protest your innocence, I know what lads are and I am not complaining, but I am just warning you, I have big tits, there is no denying that, but unlike the girls in the mags, mine droop and not just a bit, but mine have been milk filled when I had you, and those girls have not had that pleasure, I am like most women of my age, and I expect my arse is big in comparison and I have a belly, not huge but a belly just the same so just don’t expect nubile perfection when I undress for you!” he came near to standing on his tongue (that’s a polite way of saying foot in mouth disease) by saying so impolitely, something like I don’t care about the droopy tits, or that great big arse… but he restrained himself and said, “well Mum you may be a tad more mature, but your mine and I love you!” which melted her heart, and with a smile she stood and began unbuttoning her blouse never once losing eye contact as her busy fingers worked on that first garment. She stood and like leaves, the outer shell she had hidden behind all these years fell away. His erection was bouncing now, as she said to him that, “He had best take himself in hand, or by the time these things come off your balls may explode…!” then, as he looked relieved and his hand quickly cupped the stiff tool, chuckling as she began to undo her bra, it fell away and to his amazement there hung in front of him the most exciting sight of his young life
526 `T’and the lad 2