A boy and his CD friend Alex/Alexa.A boy and his CD friend Alex/Alexa. 2A boy and his CD friend Alex/Alexa. 3Alex and Alexa.
We had been friends for a few years before Alex showed me his inner, other self. Outside of his room, he was just normal Alex, but in his room, with no one else around, he was A-lex-a.

We were young, inexperienced, but, as most boys are, incredibly horny. To be honest, I had become incredibly attracted to Alexa also. That first encounter in his room was a light headed blur. He looked amazing and by misleading me at first, he already knew I thought Alexa was beautiful. He had shown me pictures before, telling me that they were of his older sister. Maybe I should have known, but at that age, the idea of my friend being a cross dresser never entered my mind.

He was so so beautiful and feminine as a girl, if she/he wanted to suck my cock, why wouldn’t I let her? The feeling of her soft lips brushing against my cock, the sensation of her tongue licking the underside of my hard cock’s head, I was weak kneed and lost in the moment.

She had told me after that first time together that I could fuck her, if I wanted. I was shocked, surprised by her forward ness. I was so nervous, but it was all I could think about. The next day, after school, Alex asked if I wanted to come over. I think I blushed and looked away, we both knew what that meant. We walked to his house mostly in silence, but my excitement and lust grew with each step. Alone, sitting in his room, Alexa soon emerged from the other room wearing her long hair, sexy bra and panties. She looked amazing and my cock hardened, almost to the point of hurting. I was actually aching for her.

After letting me get a good look at her, she moved quickly to the bed and layed on her stomach. I can still remember the sight of her ass, perky and firm, with tiny little, girly panties. I knew what she wanted without her even saying a word and I wanted it too. Instinct and lust took over, my hands caressed and explored her small, cute ass cheeks before pulling her panties down as she erotically arched her back and lifted her ass. I didn’t know why, but I could not resist pushing my face between her small, smooth, soft but firm ass cheeks and tongued her hole. The excitement, the sweet taste of her boy pussy sent me over the edge. My cock was so hard I had to press down on it as I guided to towards her lubed up asshole. I pressed it to her opening and she buried her face into a pillow, her fists gripping handfuls of bedding. She was so tight, but with a thrust, I was inside her. “I can’t believe we are fucking!” I thought to myself. The realization that I was actually fucking a boy somehow didn’t even enter my mind!