Wow, what a year, and not in a good sense either. I mean it started out alright, Lisa and I had fun ringing in the New Year, we were home from off the road and we were invited to a party by friends, it was a good time. Followed by more fun once we got home, I think I wore Lisa out that night after we got home, and not to mention myself. As far as work went, it started out good, didn’t have too many issues with the weather being that the majority of where we were running was down to Texas and back, and at the time, the weather hadn’t gotten to be much of an issue. Lisa and I had not had any issues since we got snowed in at the hotel out in Montana back between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I decided for Valentine’s to do something really special for Lisa, made an appointment for her and me to get a couple’s massage done, shopping, diner reservations at her favorite restaurant, a candle-lit bubble bath, and then the most amazing sex ever. But then we say that most anytime we have sex. After we got out of the tub, I grabbed a towel to dry her off, then she took her turn to dry me off, it was sexy and romantic, we couldn’t stop kissing and fondling each other. We finally took it to the bedroom, I eased her onto the bed, and grabbed her feet, and started kissing her dainty feet, and worked my way up to her ankles, and then her calves. Moving between her legs, and kissing and nibbling her inner thighs, until I got to the ultimate prize, her delicate flower. By the time I had gotten to her clit, her pussy was already wet and some of its sweet nectar was starting to flow a little.

I went from her inner thighs to the lips of her labia, then up to the hood of her clit. I gently pulled the hood back and flicked her engorged clit lightly with my tongue. I took my time, licking her clit and pussy slowly, building her orgasm in the process. As her orgasm was getting closer, she kept pushing her hips upwards, mashing her pussy into my face. I could hear her moaning and it was getting louder as she was getting closer. As I was licking and sucking her clit, I slowly worked a finger, then another into her very wet pussy. I rubbed her g-spot with my fingers, it didn’t take much of that attention to bring her to orgasm, as she was moaning and squealing from the pleasure she was receiving until her orgasm hit. Her whole body went stiff at first, and she let out a guttural groan as her orgasm overtook her, and then the shower of her juices followed and she squirted and gushed her sweet nectar all over my face coating my mustache and goatee. When I came up, she came so much that it was dripping from my goatee. In quick order after she recovered from her first of a number of orgasms that evening, she grabbed ahold of me, shoved me onto my back, grabbing a hold of my cock, thinking she was going to suck me dry, she surprised me, she grabbed my cock, and started to straddle my hips, lowering herself down most of the way, but rubbed the head of my cock against her clit, along her pussy lips, and her taint. She teased her pussy hole with the head for a bit, thinking that this was what she was going to do, but she slowly guided my cock to her pussy, and slowly impaled herself on my hard cock. She rode me for what seemed like forever, having another couple of strong orgasms as well, I must have been hitting everything just right. I was getting to where I couldn’t hold my own orgasm back any longer, and I groaned as my orgasm hit, shooting blast after creamy blast of my cum deep into her very wet pussy, which caused her to have another orgasm too. Afterward, she climbed off of me, and laid down in bed next to me, cuddling for a bit, before we got settled to sleep, her laying on her side with me spooned up behind her and my cock nestled between the cheeks of her beautiful ass.