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I’ll provide my true identity through replying to your mail or WhatsApp. You can find my mail id and contact number through my profile.

A small introduction of myself. I am a resident of Bangalore. I reside near a famous politician’s house in Banashankari. I am a professional massager. I am not very tall, not skinny nor fatty, an average body with skills in my hands and pleasure in my dick.

Everyone is writing their stories/experiences stating I have so huge dick. Believe me, my 6’5″ dick has made so many women, as well as girls, come back to me for more pleasure in bed.

So let us come to the first incident. I have had sex with many females to date. Some were in love with me. A few were my clients for massage. I have fucked aunties in front of their husbands after giving massage to them as their husbands turned out to be cuckolds

This is the first incident and the first part of my journey. I was in college at that time. I had many girls in my street. In that 2 were residing in a corner house, I didn’t know much about them in the beginning, Madhu (name changed) and Ambika(real name).

So it all started while I was going to college. I was already 24 by then. I was at home after discontinuing of second pre-university and had joined a diploma. Every day morning I used to start from home by 7 a.m. Boys will know its special magic at that time.

Aunties and girls will be sweeping or putting rangoli. We can view their cleavage sometimes boobs also. But not everyone as some will cover properly. So I was also looking at those cleavages. It happened once that I saw Ambika putting rangoli.

Let me tell you about Ambika. She is a short girl may be in her 20’s, dark complexion like Africans. She had 30b boobs, yes, they are small. 26-27 waist 34 hips, a very big ass she has. I could not see cleavage or boobs because of her dark skin tone. But I like the view.

She observed me ogling at her breast and corrected her dress. I went off to college and while returning she meet me at a shop. She asked me what I was peeping in the morning. I told her what’s there to see in that skin color. She was sad. Day by bay she started to wear a light color dress while putting rangoli.

I could see at least in the difference in the dress color. It was working. I could see a little cleavage. One day again while returning she saw me and asked can you see now. I told yes but I don’t like the small size.

Days passed and it was my 1st-semester exams. I was having a headache preparing for exams. I went to the park near my home to refresh. I saw her there with Madhu. Madhu is a dusky girl with 34c boobs 30waist and 34 hips. Yes, she was the bomb with those shapes. She was also in her 20’s.