[ To all my fellow cuckolds, married, or single, who know, first-hand, the unique joy of being a cuckold! ]

It’s difficult to describe, exactly, what it’s like (at least as it was for me) to watch my wife fucking other men. To say that it ‘excites’ me is true, but that word lacks the full feeling. ‘Exhilarated’ is another word that comes close to capturing the depth of the emotion I feel when I’ve watched another man’s cock sliding in and out, in and out, of my wife’s juicy (and eagerly accepting) pussy. Yet even that falls short of really and truly expressing my reactions to that.

Perhaps the most accurate way of saying how I feel at such a moment is to say that the orgasm I have while I’ve masturbated watching my wife fuck other men is the best way of describing my reactions! Watching as this other man’s cock takes full possession of my wife’s pussy is the catalyst that leads to the most intense orgasms I’ve ever known! There is something so incredibly rewarding for me as I begin to ejaculate my load of sperm at almost the very same moment the other guy is ejaculating his load into my wife’s pussy! This may be my own personal reaction to it, but as I feel my sperm spurting out the end of my cock, and as I sense the other guys sperm spurting into my wife’s pussy, the fact that my sperm isn’t going inside of her (and his is instead), the THE most exhilarating feeling!

Surpassing that reaction is the excitement of hoping that my wife conceives a baby with this other man! Indeed, currently my wife and I have one c***d already by another man’s sperm, and we are working on yet another (and another, and another after those)!

For me, and perhaps this is true of other cuckolds as well, holding the baby another man has helped make with my wife is equally thrilling as having watched as they were fucking! As a cuckold, I have no interest in furthering my own genetic history. This, I suspect, may be a very similar idea with many (if not all) cuckold men. It certainly is for me. That’s all I can confidently assert.

Lest you surmise that I am gay, let me put that to rest. I am not ‘gay.’ Nor am I ‘bisexual.’ But I am certainly not ‘gay!’ I admit to admiring these very manly, and dominant men that have fucked my wife, and gotten her pregnant; and yes I do find a certain ‘envy’ towards their far, far bigger cocks than mine; but that is not an indication of being ‘gay,’ or it isn’t for me. I have never ‘participated’, directly, physically, with the other men my wife has fucked. In all such circumstances I’ve been a voyeur, ONLY!

I support, encourage, and photograph these various encounters; I welcome the men warmly; I feel excited as I see the lustful facial expressions on their faces as my wife and they get naked on the bed; my heart begins to beat excitedly as I try to be as unobtrusive as I can while this goes on (though trying to take good photos at the same time). There is an incredible feeling of sexual excitation in me as I am soon ignored, if not totally forgotten, by my wife and the other man as they fuck. I have the most rigid erections during those times; and, sometimes, if the circumstances allow, I will quietly stand (at an appropriate distance) and stroke my cock, and feel it throbbing and pulsing as I watch the other man’s much bigger cock sliding in and out of my wife’s wet and sloppy pussy.