This is a work of fiction. Names, places, and events are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is purely coincidental.

***DISCLAIMER n°2!***
English is not my main language so if something came out a little wrong i’m sorry 😛

that being said, enjoy!

It was still early morning when she got into the bus and calmly walked to an empty seat close to the center. She was a young asian lady, with straight black hair that went just past her shoulders. She was wearing a black dress with long sleeves and a pair of shiny black shoes with just a bit of heel, overall she looked elegant but not out of place.
The bus ride would have taken about 10 minutes so she had some time to think before her sex date. There was not much she knew, the guy she has been talking to the night before, Edward, said he was going to wait for her at his plase and just gave her the address.
The bus stopped right in front of a small supermarket, Kang-Lee got out and started walking down the street. Passed the supermarket she followed the directions she had been given, she turned right after the bakery and then kept following the road. Soon she reached her destination, the little house she was looking at was 2 story tall, probably 20 or so years old but well kept, a big front lawn with sporadic unkempt trees to give some shade and an iron fence all around. The right side of the house was next to a big parking lot while on the left side she could see a small trail leading to a back garden.
Kang-Lee crossed the road to reach the entrance, and there she noticed a little letter hanging onto the slightly open gate, the words “to Kang” written in bold red characters onto it’s side.

She opened the letter and started reading.
“Welcome Kang,
to spice things up before our meeting i would like to offer you a little dare, hopefully you will play along. If you don’t want to do it i’ll be waiting for you in the back, otherwise keep reading.
There is a wooden basket close to the entrance…”
Kang looked around herself and sure enough right there on her left a large yellow wooden basket was laying sideways on the side of the fence.
She kept reading.
“The dare is as follow: Before entering take off everything you are wearing but your panties, then put your clothes it into the basket and leave them there on the side of the road and come join me in the backyard.”
Her hearth started rushing, he was asking her to strip naked right in the middle of the street? She looked around, a car was just about to turn away behind a corner and besides one woman walking the dog she could not see anybody else approaching.
What to do? Chances of getting caught were slim but still! it’s in the middle of the street in broad daylight! She took a minute to think about it. “Good morning!” said the woman with the dog passing by. Kang did not answer. Now nobody was watching, it was the perfect moment.