Karl placed both of his hands on her head, holding her
head down to keep her mouth on his cock. “You’re going
to take this now, all of it, all … of my… hot…
cum. Take it!” And with that he lifted his butt to
shove his cock further into her mouth, while still
holding her head firmly. “Take it… Swallow it…
Don’t lose a drop.”

I heard her moan and groan, and felt her ass begin
quiver. Her mouth she kept affixed to his cock, as if
glued around it, sucking it. Her hands kneading his
balls as she wanted to fill her mouth with even more
cum. His face twisted up as Laura kept sucking every
last drop, just as he ordered. My orgasm was building,
as was Laura’s. Finished now, Karl pulled her face
away from his crotch; his cock flopped onto his thigh
and a few more drops of cum spurted onto his thigh.
Then he pushed her face down and forced her to lick up
those drops.

And there I was with my cock deep inside my wife,
while another man held her head down forcing her to
greedily lick up his last drops of cum. I couldn’t
hold on any longer. I felt my body shake and the most
intense orgasm of my life overtake me. As my cum
spurted inside her juicy pussy, Laura, too, began to
shake and quiver. She came furiously, her body almost
thrashing about, trying to force my cock deeper and
deeper inside her.

After the orgasm, we didn’t move or speak for several
minutes. The spell that Karl had cast had been broken,
and both Laura and myself were overcome with doubt at
what had just transpired. With my softening cock still
inside her, she backed away from Karl’s lap, forcing
me to back up as well. My cock slipped out of her and
she move to lie down on the rug. I moved towards her
and laid next to her. I put my arm around her and held
her close.

We stared into each other’s eyes, neither of us
speaking. I wasn’t sure if she was about to cry or
laugh. We were both trembling from nerves. But then I
leaned closer to kiss her cum dampened lips, and she
hugged me tighter, keeping me pressed against her

Behind us Karl stood up and took his wife by the hand.
“Let’s go upstairs,” he told her in a quiet voice.
They walked to the staircase behind them, and as they
left, he said, “Turn off the light before you leave.”