“You gotta love yoga pants,” Karl joked.

“Oh, he does,” Laura said as she squeezed my thigh.

“They sure highlight a woman’s ass.” Karl just smiled
as his wife playfully pushed her butt out for us to
admire. “And look at that awesome ass!”

Slightly embarrassed, she stopped posing. She walked
over to him, gave him a peck on the cheek, and
squeezed herself into his chair.

“Are you an ass man?” Karl asked me.

The question took me by surprise – he was so blunt, so
direct – but before I could say anything Laura
answered for me: “Oh, most definitely.”

“Most men are. It’s a primeval sexual impulse.” With
this the conversation turned to sex, carefully guided
there by Karl. At first it was mostly generalities –
the difference between men and women, the change in
fashions and attitudes, the popularity of “50 Shades
of Gray”. But gradually Karl got more personal,
letting us know about their sex life. He said that for
them sex seemed to get better as they got older, that
they enjoyed an active and interesting sex life, that
Cynthia was quite the ‘willing and able’ bed partner.

Through all this, Cynthia sat quietly. When he began
asking questions about our sex life – about how
adventurous we were – Laura grew quiet and squeezed my
hand tightly. Clearly uncomfortable with the openness
of the topic she welcomed Cynthia’s offer of a second
beer, hoping the break would bring a change of

Cynthia headed to the kitchen and returned with a
round of drinks. She handed us our beers, then walked
to the chair. She set her glass on one side table. As
she leaned over Karl to set his glass on the other
side table, he gave her butt an ungentle slap. To us
he said, “Isn’t it surprising how many women enjoy a
good spanking?” He grabbed her wrist to keep her in
position, but continued talking to us. “Which is why
’50 Shades’ was so popular. I’m guessing most women
are like Cynthia here -sexually submissive.

She’ll do almost anything I ask her to.”

He tried to gauge our reaction. Had he shocked us?
Offended us? Scared us away? Realizing that he hadn’t,
he continued: “And she enjoys a good ass spanking –
the harder the better.” He looked at his wife
approvingly, then turned to us. “Do you ever spank
Laura?” he asked me.

Again Laura squeezed my hand tightly. I knew she
didn’t want me to answer, and normally I wouldn’t
have, but being a little buzzed from the beers and a
little turned on by the situation I was ready to go
where Karl led us. “Sometimes.”

“Does she enjoy it?”

“Yes, she does.”

“Do you enjoy doing it?”

“Yes. I do.”

“Is she like Cynthia? Is she sexually submissive?”

I knew we were discussing Laura as if she weren’t in
the room, but Karl was controlling the conversation.
Peripherally I saw that my wife was staring at the
floor. I gave her a few seconds to stop me, but there
was only silence. “Yes, she is,” I finally answered.
Laura released the pressure on my hand. Her legs,
which had been parted only an inch or two, now closed