I was worried that Karl had crossed the line, but
Laura, as entranced as I was, reached over and set her
hand in my lap. She felt my erection through my pants.
“Yes, he’s turned on.”

“How do you know?”

Her voice grew softer. “His cock is hard.”

“Louder,” he ordered. I was surprised to find him
commanding her, and equally surprised to see that she
fell under his control.

“His cock is hard.” Her hand began to massage my hard-

Karl’s hand went up, then applied a milder slap.
Cynthia counted ‘eight’ and Karl rubbed her now
reddening ass. For the ninth stroke, he gripped her
wrists tighter and gave her the hardest slap yet. Her
whole body flinched. Her face clenched up. Even Laura
jumped. Karl reached and stroked Cynthia’s head and
waited for Cynthia to moan a ‘nine’. The tenth slap
was barely a tap. He let his hand rest on her ass,
then it dipped down into her crotch.

“As you two seem to be enjoying the show I can
continue.” He looked at my wife. “It’s up to you,
Laura. Shall I stop? Or shall I give her five more?”

What would she say? I thought she give her new friend
some relief or want this to end quickly. Or was she
truly enjoying this? Was she as turned on as I was?
“Yes,” she said firmly as she squeezed my cock. “Five

Karl nodded and smiled.

Another slap, a hard one, and Cynthia counted
‘eleven.’ Then came the twelfth. After the thirteenth
he asked Laura: “Does watching this turn you on?”

She was still rubbing me. I watched as she nodded to

“How do I know this is turning you on?”

Laura shook her head.

Karl pulled his hand from his wife’s crotch.
“Cynthia’s panty is wet; that’s how I know this is
turning her on.” He rubbed his fingers with his thumb,
to show the dampness he had felt. “So how do I know if
this is turning you on?”

Her voice was shy, meek. “If my panty is wet?”

“I won’t know unless you show me.” His voice grew
firmer, and these words came out a command: “Show me.”

Again, I expected this to be the final straw, but
again she didn’t protest. But she also didn’t obey him
either – she merely sat there. I knew it was up to me
to make the next move. Would I let her expose herself
to a stranger? After seconds of indecision I placed my
hand on her left leg and pulled it towards me. I
expected her to resist, but to my surprise she allowed
me to move it to the side. And when I reached for her
right leg, she moved it on her own, spreading her

Her skirt was still covering her, but when Karl
ordered “Show me” a second time (even more firmly) she
lifted her skirt up to her belly, revealing her sheer
white panty. I doubt he could see it, but I made out
the patch of dampness in the fabric, and the outline
of her moist lips.