“Very good,” he said. Then another slap, and Cynthia
counted ‘fourteen.’ Karl smiled. Then came the final
slap, loud and hard. Cynthia flinched, counted
‘fifteen,’ and then slowly let her body release its
tension. In a fluid motion she slid off his lap until
she was kneeling at his side, the pants still
stretched around her thighs. Her erect nipples
stretched against her sheer blouse. She looked up at
her husband. “Thank you.”

He moved his hand to her face, then inserted two
fingers into her mouth, which she proceeded to suck
greedily. “You’ll thank me later. Upstairs. When I
fuck your pussy.” If Laura hadn’t stopped rubbing me I
would have cum in my pants.

As the show was over Laura began to close her leg, but
Karl looked cross, and said sternly: “I didn’t tell
you to stop.” I didn’t know what was going through her
mind, but she obediently opened her legs again. Karl
sat back into the chair, and nodded in approval.

By now Cynthia had pulled away, but remained kneeling
on the floor. Karl looked at us, and we at him, and no
one spoke. He reached over and petted his wife’s head.
“As you can see, Cynthia is sexually submissive. She
will do anything I ask her to do. If I want her to be
spanked in front of strangers, she will do it. And she
enjoys it.”

He picked up his drink and took a long sip, then set
the glass down carefully. “Now, you, Laura, are also
sexually submissive. And you would do anything your
husband asks of you. So if he wanted to spank you in
front of strangers you would let him do that. Wouldn’t
you?” A brief pause. “Of course you would. And do you
think it would turn him on to spank you in front of
someone else?”

She finally spoke. “Yes.” She placed her hand in mine
again and we knew where this was headed – it was now
our turn to put on a show.

At least that’s what we thought. Karl had other ideas:
“And would it turn him on to have another man spank
you? For him to watch you in another man’s lap,
spanked by another man’s hand? Would that turn him

She squeezed my hand hard. I recalled all the nights I
had fantasized about seeing her with another man, but
that was just fantasy. Would I really want it in
reality? She looked at me but I said nothing.

“Well? Would that turn him on?” A pause. “Ask him if
he wants it.”

Again she turned to me. What was she feeling… was
that fear or excitement? Was it uncertainty at what
could transpire or desire for a new experience? She
cleared her throat. When she spoke it was like she was
issuing a challenge. “Do you want to watch Karl spank

Now it was my time to decide how far this would go,
how far we would go. But I had trouble deciding what I
truly wanted and I took too long to reply.