“Answer her,” Karl ordered.

It was time to sink or swim. “I do,” and I watched
Laura carefully as she bit her lip.

“Then bring her.” As he patted his lap Karl resembled
a king on a throne. I guess that made me his obedient
servant. And being under his spell I slowly rose up
from the sofa. Laura’s hand was still in mine, so it
was easy to help her stand up. We both avoided eye as
we walked across the room and approached Karl’s chair.
His throne. He sat up straight and again patted his

We squeezed each other’s hands as if we were both
waiting for the other to stop this, but when neither
of us did I helped my wife lower herself onto his lap.
She squirmed to find a comfortable position, and soon
was in an all-fours position, but with her knees and
hands not reaching the floor.

Cynthia, still kneeling, watched in silence.

“Her hands,” Karl ordered, and I reached for Laura’s
left hand and twisted it around her back. She lifted
her right arm to join it. I placed my hands around her
wrists, as if checking to ensure they were bound

Karl’s voice remained firm: “Her skirt.”

I trembled to think about what I was about to do – to
reveal Laura’s ass to a stranger – but I followed his
order. I lifted the skirt up, over her ass, and
brought the hem up to her hands so she could hold it
steady, to keep her panty-clad ass exposed to Karl and

“Tell her to enjoy herself.”

I crouched down and used my hand to turn her face to
me. She looked flush. “Enjoy this,” I told her. I
leaned close and kissed her, letting my tongue slip
into her mouth. When I pulled away I heard her gasp.

“Now go. Sit,” Karl instructed. “Enjoy the show.”

I nodded obediently, then returned to the sofa. I
watched as Karl firmly held my wife’s wrists with one
hand, while his other hand massaged the back of her
head. He rubbed her gently, then moved his hand down
her back. Again, he was gentle, rubbing her shoulder
blades, the center of her back, then the small of her

Leaning over he reached to rub the back of her left
thigh, then the right, squeezing the flesh, before
letting his large hand rest atop her the back of her
panty. I was amazed to see this – another man’s hand
on her ass – but felt only excitement. As he began to
rub her ass, he looked over at me, sizing me up,
pleased to have both her and I under his power.

He lifted up his hand. “How do you want this, Laura –
gentle or rough.”

Her answer shocked me. “Don’t be gentle.”

Seconds later his open palm came down. Without being
asked, she let out a firm ‘one.’ I was surprised to
hear her count – she had never done this with me.