The next slap was a little harder, and Laura counted
‘two.’ The third was even harder, and I saw her body
flinch. “Three.” Karl reached to her panty and pulled
each side into the crack of her ass, turning it into a
makeshift thong and exposing her cheeks. He then
slapped the inside of her thigh to force her to spread
her legs. A louder slap. “Four.” The fifth slap was

As Karl massaged her ass he told me, “I told you to
enjoy this. Take off your pants.”

All three of them watched as I undid my zipper and
opened my pants. Too turned on to feel embarrassed I
lifted my rear up and slid the pants down to ankles,
then tugged the waistband of my underwear to expose my
erection. There I sat on the sofa, bare-assed with a

“Stroke it, but don’t cum,” he instructed.

As my hand grasped my cock, his fingers stroked the
white flesh of my wife’s ass. Her butt wasn’t as firm
and round as Cynthia, but I had no complaints. Neither
did Karl, who was smiling as he examined it. He
kneaded the flesh, and pinched it a few times. At one
point his fingers dipped between her legs. Was that a
moan I heard?

He lifted his hand, and then brought it down hard on
Laura’s ass. “Six.” The next slap came down harder
than anything she had ever experienced before. Her
whole body rocked and she screamed “Ow!” I could see
the red marks forming. I waited for her to count, but
she didn’t. This would not do; Karl grabbed her hair
and pulled her head up. His roughness took her by
surprise. He didn’t care. “I can’t hear you.”

She instantly remembered what was required of her:

After a gentle eighth slap, he commanded her to look
at me. She turned to watch me stroking my cock. “He
likes this,” he told her. I could see his hand settle
onto her ass. He pushed the underwear out of her crack
and ran a finger up and down the crack. “You’re lying
half naked in another man’s lap, with his fingers in
your ass, and your husband is jerking off.”

Laura’s eye had a glassy stare.

“Ask him if he minds me playing with your ass?”

She was breathing heavy as she spoke. “Do you enjoy
watching Karl … play with my ass?”

I nodded unsurely.

She let out a wild, erotic smile, but then her face
clenched when the ninth slap came suddenly. And she
almost teared up when the final, tenth slap came. She
started to lift herself up, but Karl used his hand to
push her down, restraining her in his lap. “Cynthia,
dear.” He waited for his wife to look up at him.
“Shall I stop at ten?” She shook her head; hers was an
almost cruel smile.

And then came the eleventh slap. And the twelfth. Karl
placed his hand on the back of her head and massaged
her scalp again. “Do you think I’m enjoying this?” he
asked her.