“How can you tell?”

I could barely hear her, but hear her I did: “You’re

“What’s hard?”

“Your cock is hard.”

“Can you feel it?”


I realized that she had been lying on his erection the
whole time. Of course he was; how could he not be
turned on. There he was, having my wife rub against
his cock while his hands were all over her.

“What does it feel like?”

“It’s big.” And then, as if for my benefit: “Your cock
feels so big.”

“Of course it is.” The next slap took her by surprise.
“Thirteen!” she said, almost crying. He went easy for
the next one. But then came the final, fifteenth, and
I could see how much it hurt her. But soon Laura’s
body relaxed. She pushed herself up, out of his lap,
until she was kneeling on the floor. Her skirt dropped
down to cover her rear, and I watched her reach behind
her to fix her panty and rub her ass.

Karl relaxed, positioning his legs on each side of
her. He sat back in the chair and took the final sips
of his drink. His legs were spread, and the bulge in
his pants was easy to see. Laura started to get up,
but Karl pushed down on her shoulder. He stared into
her eyes and waited, until she finally realized what
was required: “Thank you, Karl.”

“Is that the proper way to thank a man for giving you
what I gave you?”

“Huh?” She seemed confused, a little disoriented.

To me he asked: “How does she thank you after you
spank her? After she gets your cock this hard?” He
grabbed himself through his loose-fitting pants and
even from across the room I could see the form of his

Laura looked at me and shook her head, almost pleading
me with her eyes to not answer. But being so turned on
I couldn’t help it. “She… She sucks my cock.”

Karl smiled. “Yes, that sounds like an appropriate
‘thank you’.”

He moved his hand to her chin. “Doesn’t it?”

Laura started to shake her head slowly, but with his
hand on her chin he physically forced her head up and
down. He nodded his head up and down, in unison. She
looked up at him and I knew there was no turning back.
Karl knew, too. “Do you like big cocks?”

She just knelt there, staring until he said, “Do you?”
in a firm voice, and she meekly replied, “Yes.”

He released her chin, sat back in the chair, and
deftly unsnapped his pants. He lowered the zipper,
waited a few seconds, then lowered it all the way. He
pulled the fly flaps apart, revealing his underwear-
encased cock, fully hard and pushing against the
fabric. “Take it out.”

She hesitated, but soon lifted her hand. Was it
shaking? Entranced, she placed it on the top of his
underwear and began to free his cock. He lifted his
butt up and inched his pants down, freeing his cock
and balls. “Take it in your hands,” he instructed and
she wrapped her fingers around it.