Cynthia, still kneeling on the side of the chair,
watched with glassy eyes, and began to rub herself
between her legs. I was rubbing myself, too. When
Laura’s hand began to move faster I knew she was lost
in the moment and there was no turning back. When Karl
told her to “Spit on my cock” she lowered her head,
swished some spit in her mouth, then let a wad of
wetness drop from her mouth onto the head of his cock.
“More,” he ordered, and she spread her fingers to let
the next mouthful wet her palm. With her hands fully
lubricating, she proceeded to give him an intense
handjob. She was getting into it now.

He leaned forward to place his hand on the top of her
head; as he forced it down a few inches he commanded
her to spit again. As she opened her mouth he pushed
the head down more, forcing her lips onto his cock.
“Kiss it,” he said, but she needed no further

She planted several kisses on the cockhead, and even
dabbed her tongue on it. She opened her mouth wider to
suck on the head of his cock. I knew she was swirling
her tongue on the head, and watched her right hand
pump him. Then she licked the length of his shaft up
and down like a lollipop, until finally moving her
mouth up to finally engulf his cock with her wet lips.
Her passion was building, and she leaned in closer to
him. It looked like she was in heat, going to town on
that cock, slurping it up.

Karl kept talking to her: “That’s so good.” “Suck it,
honey.” “Take my cock, all of it.” He even held her
hair away from her face to give me a good view of the
blowjob. “That’s quite the cocksucker you have here.”
When I started to rub myself again, Karl caught me:
“Come and fuck her while she sucks my cock.”

I hurried over, and knelt behind her. Cynthia,
kneeling beside us, was bringing herself to climax. I
flipped Laura’s skirt onto her back and saw her free
hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy inside her
panty. I pulled the panty down to her knees and jammed
my fingers to meet hers inside her cunt. She was
wetter than I ever remembered feeling.

“Look at that sweet ass of hers,” Karl told me. It was
covered it patches of bright redness and I rubbed my
cock over the sore flesh, then let it slide inside her
ass crack. “And that mouth-”

Unable to wait, I angled my cock into her pussy. As I
pressed my body into her, she pressed her ass towards
me. My cock dug deep inside her. I grabbed her hips
with both hands and began to hump her. Laura’s left
hand moved from her pussy to Karl’s lap; she cupped
his balls and squeezed and fondled them.