There I was sitting in a bar drinking and thinking how my day & week had gone. Not much different than anything in my life has been since hitting 50. My wife has lost pretty much all interest in sex, I still longingly look at the ladies at work, on the street, in stores and at any bar I frequent. Well, tonight was no different, I finished my drink, took a deep breath, spun the stool to leave, and what stood before me smiling was beauty beyond belief.

This lady was about 5’8″ almond shaped dark brown eyes, full pouty lips, large breast displayed to attract attention. As I tried to take her all in she slowly turned a full 360, looked into my eyes & smiled. It is nice to be appreciated, Did you like the back as well as you do the front? She had the darkest skin I’ve ever been this close to. I said Yes, every inch, but I would like to have a better look, a longer look, and a chance to kiss those gorgeous lips.

Buy me a drink, we can talk and you can look awhile longer. She hauled herself onto the stool beside me, her short skirt riding even higher up those long, firm, legs. While I was checking out her legs, I noticed her hands moving. Bringing my eyes back up, she had opened her blouse a couple more buttons & pulled her blouse open wider.

Are you trying to seduce me? Is it working? With that her hand ran up my leg & found my growing erection. I think it is working, will the man follow his dick, or do you have limits? The only limits I have, are the ones you impose. I am not from here, but just across the boarder into Canada. That’s ok, I have an apartment & my roommate is not there. I was spinning inside my head, this was happening fast. My name is Mike, friends call me Oakey. Yeah, I bet, with this limb that’s sprouting I get it, she said as she squeezed it through my pants. I placed my hand on her thigh & she spun the seat towards me, sending my hand up under the skirt and to a very wet pussy. I think we’ve established mutual interest, ready to follow me to my place? Yes I heard my self say as we stood & headed for the door.

She got into a blue corvette & I followed her to her apartment. Once inside, she turned to face me, so you wanted to taste my lips she said as hers encased mine. Shivers raced up my spine as we kissed and she tugged my zipper down. Her hand pulled my cock out & she stroked it gently. She broke the kiss, asking do you like to taste lips a little further down? I replied that I was very much looking forward to getting my fill of those. She was on her knees as I spoke & now her lips were wrapped around my throbbing cock. She took in my entire length & was running the tip of her tongue to my balls.