T-Minus 51 Hours…
A DREAM FRIEND...   Chapter Five
This tape started with a very interesting sex scene… Very different from the sex scenes in the previous two tapes and Rose Ann was reacting…

We watched as a pretty woman pretended to stir something in a pot on a stove. Without foreplay a man approached from behind and stripped off her clothing while she protested she was cooking and for him to stop. Obviously he didn’t intend to stop when he grabbed her boobs. We watched as his strong fingers mauled her soft tits. The woman’s moans and cries sounded like she was half in pain and half excited at having her tits abused.
A DREAM FRIEND...   Chapter Five 2
Rose Ann began to react when his hands left the actress’ tits to bend her over a kitchen counter. The actress’ protests of, ‘Noooo, Just wait! No!…’, were loud as the guy bent her arm behind her back to control her while he pushed his cock inside her dry, hard and fast. Rose Ann began to u*********sly echo the actress’ cries with soft growls from the back of her throat.
A DREAM FRIEND...   Chapter Five 3
When the guy was deep inside her he released her arm and held her by the hips, pulling her back to meet his still hard, rapid thrusts. Stretching her arms out the actress grasped the edge of the counter, grunting in time to the cock thrusting into her.

Swallowing to clear her throat, Rose Ann whispered, “Will you…” Rose stopped to clear her throat again. “Will you be that way?”

Moving hair strands out of the way I leaned to put my mouth close to Rose Ann’s ear and whispered back, “Yes. Every chance I get.”

Rose Ann’s eyes closed for a moment and her breath caught, then released with a long, barely audible ‘ooooooooooooo’. I knew she was imagining what it would be like to have her body used this way. I had to believe even her worst boyfriend had at least tried a little foreplay. The sex scenes we’d watched on the previous tapes had started with foreplay also. This was probably the first time she’d thought of how it might feel if someone just took her hard and her not fighting back in a murderous rage. The tip of her tongue wet her lips before she turned her head and opened her eyes to continue watching the fuck film.
A DREAM FRIEND...   Chapter Five 4
She didn’t have to watch long before the man grabbed the woman between her legs to treat her pussy as roughly as he’d treated her tits. I couldn’t tell if his cock was still in her pussy but her reaction to his fingers abusing her pussy was more than enough to cause her to try and move out of his grasp while breathing hard and shouting wordless sounds that could have been in complaint or sexual heat depending on your point of view.

Rose Ann was definitely in an advanced stage of sexual heat! I doubt she realized her hips were moving slightly or how deep her breaths were. No more than she thought about the low sounds coming from the back of her throat I could hear escaping through her open lips.