T-Minus 54 Hours…
A DREAM FRIEND...   Chapter Four
Bloody hell. I thought our truce would last longer…

I didn’t believe Rose Ann for a moment that all she wanted was to cuddle. When I insisted she put panties on and another shirt she acted as though I’d asked her to put on sackcloth. She did finally with an unhappy ‘huuruummph’ in my direction. I was correct not to trust her. Rose Ann felt that cuddling should lead to other things. Pressing back against me. Shifting her hips more than I felt was necessary to get comfortable. Taking my hand in hers to cuddle it between her breasts. Each hip shift moving her ass against my cock. Every breath she took making me aware of the large, soft breasts touching my hand.

I didn’t have a long wait before Rose Ann put her plan into action. It wasn’t long before I felt her finger tap-tap-tapping on the back of my hand. This was Rose Ann’s tell. Whether studying, watching the TV or just sitting, when her finger started tapping I knew she was bored. She’d given me some time to start something and when I hadn’t… Tap,tap,tap... A few seconds later Rose Ann lifted her shirt and placed my hand on her bare breast.

I moved my hand back to Rose Ann’s stomach. When I resisted her next attempt to move my hand she pouted,

“What? You don’t like my boobs anymore?”

“I love your boobs but you said you just wanted to cuddle.”

“We are cuddling. I just like it more when you’re cuddling my boobies.”

Again Rose Ann’s hand covered mine but in no time, tap,tap,tap,tap…

Without warning Rose Ann let go of my hand and zigzagged her arm under mine. Pushing her arm between our bodies. Searching for and finding my cock, she curled her fingers in the loose material of my shorts to gain a grip around my shaft. Turning her head, there was a devilish triumph in her voice as she said, “So that’s what’s been poking me in the ass.”
A DREAM FRIEND...   Chapter Four 2
“Rose Ann! Attacking while under a flag of truce simply isn’t done,” I complained trying to pull her hand from my Tommy Boy. Close as we were Rose Ann wasn’t able to stroke my cock more than an inch one way, then the next, but what she could do she did with enthusiasm. Moving to provide myself with enough room to pry her fingers from me proved difficult. As soon as I moved Rose Ann twisted and threw her other arm around my neck with the strength of a vise pulling me to her for a kiss.

Moving my head enough to break her kiss, I gasped, “This isn’t sporting, Rose Ann. To break our truce without warning… ”

I should have been paying more attention to what Rose Ann was doing than advancing how dishonorable it was to have broken the bloody truce. While I’d been moving to free Tommy, with the flexibility and morals of a snake she had pushed a leg under me. The trap was sprung and I was caught in the middle of two legs about my waist with thigh muscles of a strength equal to steel cables.