I can’t move. I stand in place, mesmerized. I look right
at his equipment and am amazed. He’s got the biggest dick
I have ever seen, even better than in any magazine or x-
rated movie. He is long, uncircumcised; with a thick
mushroom on the top. And the rest of his naked body is
terrific too. He’s the sexiest guy I’ve ever laid eyes

“You like it?” His question interrupts my thoughts.

“I’m sorry,” I suddenly feel tremendously embarrassed. I
shake my head and return back to reality. “Sorry, I
didn’t mean to look.” I try to leave the room.

“That’s okay,” He smiles back at me. “Remember, I work in
a strip joint. I’m used to women looking.”

He smiles at me, and I suppose I smile back. I’m not
sure. I’m not sure if I’m still alive! I take a deep
breath and attempt to calm down.

“I suppose I better get Doctor Polichvich,” I briefly
turn to him and look again.

“Fine,” He says simply. “I’ll be waiting.”

I clumsily open the door and leave, but at the last
moment I take a last look at him as though to make a
check on reality.

* * * * *

“Well?” Susan asks the moment I enter.

I realize I still hold his clothing in my hands. I
realized it just after I left the examination room. I
don’t know why I took them and why I still hold them, but
I can’t very well turn around and return them now.
Instead, I step into the second examination room to find
a place to lay them down. I see Susan with a chair pulled
up to the examination table, sorting through a pile of

“Well?” She asks again. “Did he exaggerate or not? Is he
really as big as he says he is?”

I am unable to speak.

By the look on Susan’s face, I think I already have the

She takes his clothing from me. And then, to my complete
amazement, she drops them into the trashcan.

“What…?” I start to say.

“We better get back to complete the examination,” She

“We?” I question, distinctly noticing the way she uses
the term for both of us.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” She leads the
way out. “But I figure you deserve a reward. You’ve
worked for me six weeks now and you’re the best
receptionist I ever had. Consider this kind-of like a

She holds the door open.

I consider her offer. She gives me second thoughts, but I
quickly dismiss them.

The choice is clear.

* * * * *

We enter the examination room with Susan in the lead.

“What do we have here?” She calmly speaks as she looks up
and down his naked body – mostly down.