A Gamers Podcast:
Elyse Forgets A Crucial ItemA Gamers Podcast

The Funhaus crew are seated around the podcast booth and Adam introduces intros the show with the typical Funhaus wit and sarcasm, while Elyse, James, and Alannah sit in waiting.
Adam: Today! Video games be gaming and women be shoppin’ all that and plus some more interesting facts on how to roleplay your favorite video game characters on today’s episode of Dude Soup.
James talks over the credits making fun of Adams lackluster intro as they all laugh. The start of the show is going as it normal as any other episode and everyone one is engaged in the discussion until Elyse looking shocked and confused lets out a “Oh my God!” while covering her mouth with her hands. Everyone stops and stare at Elyse
Alannah: Are you okay Elyse?
James: You look like you’ve seen a ghost
Adam: Ghost of Tsushima.
Adam’s eyes darting around the table looking for approval of his perceived pun, but no one blinks an eye. Elyse with her hand still covering her mouth is looking around the room, especially the cameras and the position relative to where she is sitting.
Elyse: This is so embarrassing I don’t know if I should bring it up.
Her face now is completely covered be her hands.
Elyse: I forgot to put on my bra and panties, and I think I have been flashing the cameras this whole time.
A Gamers Podcast 2
A sinister smile makes its way over James’ face. Adam, sitting next to Elyse, looks down at her slightly unbuttoned blouse; to his joy he can see Elyse’s left nipple. A Gamers Podcast 3

Adam bites his tongue with excitement and as he stares at her perfect perky tit, Alannah dips her head blow the table checking to see if, in fact, Elyse is telling the truth. Alannah is delighted to see she is, when Elyse’s thighs slowly open to expose her little shaved pussy, before bringing her head back up her attention shifts to James who is beginning to rub his crotch through his pants. In that moment Alannah decides to tease James by moving her head over his lap, letting him feel the warmth of her breath on his has hand. Elyse, now on to what Alannah is up to, pinches her tit- the one Adam has been fixated on for the past few moments and lets James know what they are about to do.
Elyse: (Coy) We shouldn’t do this.
James: (unaffected) No, we shouldn’t.
From underneath the table James unleashes his chubby letting it flop out of his pants and smacking Alannah on her cheek and resting on the side of her face
Alannah: (achingly) Please, don’t say that.A Gamers Podcast 4

Elyse turning her gaze onto Adam, she pulls her already short denim skirt up over her hips and moves as close to him as she can until she is able lift her right leg up and in between Adams legs.

Elyse takes Adams right hand and moves it over her petite breast, letting him stop and play with her nipples. Adam nuzzles his head in Elyse’s neck as she moves his hand lower and lower and stopping him just at the slit of her twat, letting go she looks directly into the camera that is recording this whole sexual happening. From across the table with her head still in James’ lap but looking at the scene of Adam and Elyse form a different angle then the cameras Alannah can see Adam has now begun to rub Elyse’s tight, glistening pussy.
Alannah: Do it Adam, finger fuck her pussy.
Alannah starts giving James’ cock little kisses and quick licks waiting in anticipation of Elyse’s pussy getting explored by Adams finger.A Gamers Podcast 5A Gamers Podcast 6