A Granted Wish
Margie sighed as she listened to the front door of the house close behind her husband Howard. Rising from the edge of the bed where she sat, she walked nude to the bathroom. Totally unaware of the eyes that followed here every movement. She felt her breasts sway gently with her movement, the cool air only making her nipples ache more.

As the 42 year old mother and wife stood in her bathroom setting the temperature of the shower water, she worried about where things had gone and where they would finally end up.

She wasn’t unhappy, Margie mused. No, not unhappy, just…bored. I mean, be real, she thought, stepping into the warm water. “( Meet Margie At xsofiax dot com)”Twenty-one years of ‘in the dark on your back’. There had to be more. She had read, watched some movies, and been thrilled at the positions and things she had seen

She had tried spicing things up with Howard. His reaction, while not a surprise, had been more than disappointing. The sexy lingerie she had bought, he had scoffed at. The attempts she made to have sex in different places than there bedroom, he had simply ignored. Even when she had sat almost nude on his lap in the living room, he had simply looked around her at the television.

Then, this morning, before his Saturday golf game, she had even gone so far as to handcuff herself to the headboard of the bed and begged Howard to ravish her.

Her husband’s only response was to tell her she needed to set a doctor’s appointment to get her ‘raging hormones’ under control. He couldn’t understand why she wanted something like that.

“You don’t like how we make love Margie?” he husband had almost yelled at her. “It’s worked for over twenty years.”

Margie recalled her words with a tremor in her body. “I don’t want to make love” she had fiercely told her stunned husband. “I want to FUCK.”

As her hands slowly flowed over her skin, Margie tingled at the thought of being just simply taken. Her fingers tweaking her hard nipples in the waters spray. The thought of being pounded like a dog in heat from behind sending shivers through her

“Oh god yessss” Margie softly moaned as she pinched the hard buds.

As the image of herself on her hands and knees being rammed by a big thick cock swam through her mind. She never saw the shadow that drifted by the bathroom door.

A tall form swept around her bedroom, preparing. The small metal object she had carelessly left laying by her pillow was moved, one end snapped to the head board. A large fluffy towel stretched out to cover the bedsheet. The curtains were softly drawn and two small candles lit to give the room only the faintest glow.

Now and then the form would stop at the cracked bathroom door to make sure she was still in the shower. Hungry eyes raking over her form through the steam covered shower door.