A High-school Trip Abroad - Part 1Big-T sat with his mates on the upper deck of a double-decker touring car bus. Their luggage stowed away in the hold. There was already a lot of excited chatter going around the upper deck. The twinks were talking about all the naughty things they would do that up-coming week. There was talk of the regular stuff over-excited teens and twinks speak about. Things like what they would want to go and see, all the way to the wild orgies they were going to hold once they were at the hotel.

Late – as usual – Edward was forced to find a seat on the upper deck. Downstairs was already full of the guys and girls from the 3 senior high school classes. They were going on a culture trip to the Netherlands. Edward had been singled out by customs for a full search of his luggage. Just for looking scared and a little dopey. So the whole group had to wait for him at the airport. The red-faced and flustered Edward walked onto the bus, getting jeered at by his classmates.

“How was the full cavity search, Ed?… Did they go deep?… Did they find the stash up your ass?… I bet you liked it, dirty fag!”

Even the accompanying teachers and staff members did not intervene. So Edward walked awkwardly down the center aisle of the bus to the stairs. Once upstairs, he found a seat far away from the rowdy group at the front. Edward did not belong to this crowd. He was the bookish type. Too smart for his own good. Being the youngest of the guys, Edward had never fit in anywhere. Having skipped a class in his second year at Westeadt Town Forest Academy. Or as Theo, known as Big-T to his friends, called it: WTF-Asscademy.

Theo was a 20-year-old well build burly twink. A little rough around the edges with a close-cropped petite goatee and slightly curly black hair. Compared to Edward’s fair complexion, he was a sun-tanned Italian stallion. With a large posse of equally horny twinks around him. The popular jocks, so to say. Although he acted the hunk at school. He was one of the few guys without a steady girlfriend. Calling himself a free-agent. Theo was one of those lads that could so effortlessly get into any girl’s pants that he was known as a bit of a gigolo as well. The stories of his sexcapades were the stuff of legends. Big-T’s cronies indeed liked to talk about them a lot. Getting all the obscene details directly from the horse’s mouth. Even the girls he had been with did not debunk the myths surrounding Theodore’s skills and techniques.

From what Edward had overheard at school, Theo was well hung and oversexed. Edward guessed that this was why the lads called him Big-T.
Edward was a sweet 17-year-old guy. Even though the old-fashioned square horn-rim glasses and his boyish sleek dark-blond hairdo did nothing to improve his nerdy looks. Edward was a work-in-progress, so to say. He sooner spent an evening with his nose in a good book than with his nose sniffing pussy. Edward actually had only been with a few girls. Hitting a home-run with only one of them. That is to say, he had built up a vast theoretical knowledge on the subject of sex. His secret porn stash was quite large. And he had seen enough porn movies that he thought he knew all the in’s and out’s.