My very first sexdoll was a Sex Teen Love Doll.

A company called PABO distributed free erotic catalogs in the students residences mailboxes and there was an offer for a ‘starter pack’ containing an inflatable lovedoll, some sextoys, some lube and an erotic comic. I was so excited to have a girl I could fuck anytime I ordered one by mail in 2001.

A history of my inflatable lovedolls
She was kinda expensive for her quality but at that time I didn’t know better. She was ugly but fortunately I could draw her a more beautiful face and paste it on her head.
She was my plaything for a whole year. I had so much fun creampieing her though I can’t really remember how I used to call her. Perhaps it was Tina or something.

The next year I discovered the Doll Forum, a community of enthusiastic sexdoll lovers. Wow, RealDolls, full-size articulated silicone beautiful sexdolls. But they were the price of a car and I was a college student with no money. In the ‘inflatable’ section of the forum, a guy mentioned a cheap lovedoll with huge boobs. I got interested and discovered the Hannah. I bought her as soon as I saw her box in a nearby sexshop.

A history of my inflatable lovedolls 2

She had huge suckable tits with nipples, she was taller than the Sex Teen and her shape was more refined. She was better in every possible way. I discovered the titfuck with her.
When I couldn’t pick up girls at parties, I used to blow her up and fuck until I pass out. I also played dress-up with her. I even pasted the picture of a girl I used to love on her head and fuck till I was disgusted. That helped me forget and move on. I was so satisfied with Hannah I kept her around for a few years.
I think I would fuck her again if I could find her for a cheap price, for nostalgia’s sake.

A history of my inflatable lovedolls 3A history of my inflatable lovedolls 4

Missionary is great and all, but it gets a bit monotonous. I looked up the internet and discovered Tereza Barkley and Dianna Stretch. I ordered them online at the same time. My favourite is Tereza, I loved every second of doggystyling her. She’s my first inflatable doll to blow up because I fucked her too hard.

A history of my inflatable lovedolls 5A history of my inflatable lovedolls 6

They show their true value when you have a threesome and you stack them up: it’s a perfect match!

A history of my inflatable lovedolls 7

Around 2008 I finally found for cheap one of the lovedolls I most wanted: the Monica Rose. She had a solid head with hair and a beautiful face. Her vagina and anus are made in Loveclone. Soft and tight at the same time.

A history of my inflatable lovedolls 8A history of my inflatable lovedolls 9
She was so desirable I lost count how many times I pumped her full of sperm.

A history of my inflatable lovedolls 10A history of my inflatable lovedolls 11

The last inflatable doll I bought was a bit of a kink: a shemale doll! Can’t remember exactly what model she was but she had the exact same body as Hannah, only with a big penis.