A Marriage, of Rope and Punishment
He sat comfortably on the plush rug on his living room floor and pondered what he should do next. His meditation, to help him get through these tough days, finally over for the evening. Taking a sip of his hot tea, spiked with a little extra zip, he smiled as he glanced over at the small bar bell weights, he made his wife use every morning.

He stood up from his cross legged position and adjusted his Gi top, retying his black belt and adjusting his crotch. His cock, lurking beneath his white cotton Gi pants, already coming back to life as he picked up the weights and strode out of the room with an evil grin on his face.

His large bare feet padded along the wood floor. His destination, the room glowing ahead of him from the flickering light of many a beeswax candle. Passing through the door he turned to his left and quietly picked a riding crop from off the wall.

He looked down at the floor below and grinned at the writhing shadow cast upon it. He could hear suffering moans behind him and without turning around he asked, ”So is my submissive slut of a wife ready to be further punished? To be driven mad with the most horrible of torments?”

Still not facing her, he grinned as he listened to her slightly sobbing reply, “Please Sir …please my Lord and Master, have mercy on me…This is hurting so much, this is unbearable Sir.”

She stared at his wide shoulders and back. She tried to stabilize her shaking leg and strained at the ropes keeping her bound wrists high overhead. Hours in these skin chaffing ropes, contorted and strung up for his pleasure, for his entertainment, was taking its toll on her forty-five year old body.

She could feel a wobble in her left leg that travelled up into her torso. Any collapsing of that foot, any shift in its position, aggravated the immense discomfort in her left breast. Her nipple stretched in pain by the intricate and devious set of ropes he had created to make her suffer in.

She whimpered as she stared at his back, “Please sir…please help me..please release some of these ropes…please….”

He turned his large frame around and held the crop in one hand and the weights in the other. He had a smile that slowly became a stern look of admonishment towards his whining wife. Though he did grow harder and did enjoy the sound of her pathetic begging.

He sat the weights down beside some of the burning candles on a small table, and then approached her. The crop threateningly tapping away across his left hand.

“I say when you get out of MY ropes slave! Have you forgotten who is in charge in this marriage? Who’s owned this body for the last twenty years?”

She shook her head. Her body beginning to tremble in fear and anticipation of his domineering manner. She screamed in shock and surprise as the crop came down hard on the nipple of her right breast. Hitting her nipple ring with pin point accuracy and sending a searing jolt of pain throughout her chest.