[ As globalization has effected the worlds economy in all sorts of ways, so too, has certain non-economic, ancillary, effects and opportunities arisen. As the world shrinks due to the effects of globalization, along with the Inter-net, all sorts of new possibilities are available, and to sectors of the world’s population that could never have been into such close connection with one another before. This story, ‘A Moroccan Adventure’, is one example of these new, and ever-emerging opportunities for peoples of often very different cultural, religious, political, and economic backgrounds to connect—and in increasingly sexually intimate ways. ]

For Muhhamad, 49 years of age, laborer, originally from Nigeria, but now living and working in Marrakesh (where opportunities for gainful employment existed), he would have never dreamed that an opportunity to actually have sex with a white, married European female, would ever come his way; and yet it had. However, it would not have occurred had it not been for his friend, and fellow construction laborer, Jamal, not told about it.

Muhhamad had been skeptical when Jamal had first told him that he’d come into contact with a young, white married couple from a certain European country, who were seeking a sexual encounter with a small group of African men for the purpose of getting the wife pregnant. You had to admit that it sounded rather far-fetched, but Jamal had been insistent that he was not making this up, and that the couple in question had already had an African male impegnate her the year before, in Kenya. He ever shared photos the husband of this young woman in various stages of sexual encounter with this other African man. Even then, Muhhamad had remained somewhat skeptical, but over the weeks that followed, he began to accept that this was not a made-up thing after all.

Jamal kept showing Muhhamad new pictures this other guy kept sharing with him. The woman (apparently very young—23 years of age) was unquestionably one of the most truly beautiful women (white or black) that he had ever seen, but that is what kept Muhhamad doubtful that this was anything but a joke; a tease. Why, he would ask his friend, after he’d studied the photos intently, would this other guy, the husband of this beautiful young white woman, want to share her with someone like them?

Jamal replied by saying that, according to the husband, and a few comments left by the young woman, as well, that they were upset with the racist history of whites the world over, and that the only way she (they) could think of to do something truly significant to begin changing that, was to deliberately choose NOT to have babies of their own (which would be more whites), and have offspring by ONLY African men.

“They’ve already started!” Jamal told Muhhamad. He showed him the photos of that other African man, a Zambian (and a Muslim like they, themselves, were) in the very act of inseminating this young white female. Muhhamad stared at the photos, slowly swiping his fingers across Jamal’s phone screen, and as each picture came into view, he felt, in spite of his lingering skepticism, an undeniable up-welling of sexual lust.