I had gone out from home for a quick business trip, while my sweet niece Jimena was still staying with us for some days.
The trip was luckily quicker than I had expected and I finally arrived home one day earlier. I was tired after driving and just wanted to reach the bathroom and get a warm relaxing shower.

As I climbed upstairs, I was greeted with some muffled moans coming from the guest room, where Jimena was staying.

Victor was also at his office at this time; so I guessed that my little niece had obviously taken advantage of the fact that she had the place to herself and she had taken for sure one of the young guys of the neighborhood there.
I checked out her door, since I was curious; but it was locked.

After all, she was a grown girl now; so, to avoid any embarrassment I went directly to the shower; I needed some relax.
When I came out and sat on my own bed, the noises coming from the guest room were getting louder and louder.
I thought that neither I was so vocal when anyone fucked me.

Suddenly, I began to feel very aroused as I got naked inside the bed. I had not been fucked by my beloved hubby in more than a week, since Victor was feeling very stressed and tired lately.
I wished somebody would fuck me like that, I thought as I got ready to take a nap. But I could not even close my eyes. I stared at the ceiling, thinking about who would be that stud in the next bedroom, giving that pleasure to my little niece Jimena.

I began to caress my bobs very softly, feeling my nipples getting hard by the second. I then licked a finger and ran it slowly, from my ass to my swollen clit.
All of a sudden I imagined that I was in the next bed and that stud was fucking me the way he was treating my sweet niece.

I spread my thighs and slid two fingers into my soaking wet pussy. Very soon, my cunt was squelching and my other hand moved to my swollen clit.
Now in my head, the mystery guy had me bent over and he was thrusting his hard cock into my dripping cunt from behind.

As the stranger made Jimena almost scream the house down with another loud vocal orgasm, I felt waves of pleasure rushing through my horny body. The thought of one of my young handsome neighbors pounding me so hard to orgasm ensured me to have one of the most intense orgasms I ever had…

While making coffee in the morning, I heard the sound of some light footsteps coming down the stairs. Feeling a little flushed at the thought of meeting Jimena’s recent conquest, I took a deep breath and shouted if there was anyone for coffee. The soft voice of my sweet niece told me she wanted a coffee.
But behind her, I heard a very well-known voice…