Every few minutes, she would bend over and kiss me,
stroking my cock again and again as a tease. I felt as
though my dick was going to explode, and I knew that
was just what she wanted. Moving away from me while
continuing to dance, she reached behind her to unsnap
the peek-a-boo bra that barely covered her tits. They
bounced into sight and she shook her shoulders from
side to side to make them wiggle.

Then, while sticking her tongue out and running it
tantalizingly across her lips, she held her tits and
pinched her nipples until they were red and swollen –
like my cock.

I wanted to grab her and fuck that hairy pussy in the
worst way, but she wasn’t done with her show yet.
Turning around so that her ass was to me, she bent
over at the waist and spread her legs wide so that her
whole pussy and asshole were plainly visible. To the
beat of the music she pumped her ass up and down,
clenching and unclenching her brown-eye, and then slid
her hand down between her legs to rub her pussy lips
so that I could see the juices gleaming on her
fingers. While continuing to stroke her crack she
turned her head toward me while licking her lips.

“This cunt is all yours tonight,” she said. “I want
you to fuck it as much as you like, any way you like.
But first I want you to shave it naked.”

That was all I could take. I leapt up, grabbed her
ass-cheeks and rammed my throbbing cock into her,
slamming it in and out until she was moaning at the
top of her lungs. The louder she moaned, the harder I
fucked her. I wasn’t fucking my wife, but some horny
slut who couldn’t get enough cock. I didn’t want to
come yet so I pulled out my cock and with one quick
loud slap on her ass I told her to get on the bed,
which she did.

I went in the bathroom and came back with my razor and
shaving cream and stripped every trace of hair off her
soaking wet cunt. She was lying there rubbing her tits
and fixing her sleazy make up and groaning like a slut
while I finished.

On all fours I knelt over her face and inserted my
slippery cock into her mouth and began to fuck her
face, just as I had done to her cunt. With my balls
slapping against her chin I continued to fill her
mouth with my pumping cock, telling her at the same
time to play with her pussy and keep it wet. With
muff- led, gurgling noises emanating from her cock-
filled mouth, she lifted both her long, sexy legs in
the air and began to rub clit and pussy until she made
herself come.

I withdrew from her mouth and positioned myself
between her legs. Guiding my cock into her gushing
naked hole, I sunk it in as far as it would go. While
she begged, “Fuck me, fuck me!”