A slow seduction, switches me to the 'Other TThe Slow Seduction

My job requires me to look as good as possible all the time, one of the problems I have had in the past, is my hair. Since I am in front of people, very influential people, all the time, my hair has to look like it is freshly trimmed, no straggling hair on the back of my neck and so on.

One evening, after a grueling day, I was sharing a drink with one of my associates, the subject came up, he reached over, touching my arm, “Oh believe me, you have to get Eric to cut and style your hair, he does mine and I just love him”.

Now my friend is a little light in the loafers, if you know what I mean, but I have known him for a long time and respect his choice of sexual partners, but his hair was always perfect, so I took the stylist name and called him the next day.

He insisted on long appointment on the initial cut, all I could do was agree, the next day at 6pm to maybe 8pm I was told to be ready for him to work me over.

The Salon was in a secluded area, but tastefully done, walking in, it was obvious who Eric was, bright colored loose fitting shirt, shorts and sandals – he waved, “OMG you are beautiful, you must be Mike, please come in and have a seat. But I have to ask you, have you ever considered playing for the other team, we’d take you in a minute, no questions asked?”

I smiled, “Yes I am and thank you, but I’m perfectly satisfied by staying with the team I am on”.

Handing me a cup of warm tea, “All of my clients love this concoction of a form of green tea, please try it and see what you think?”

Nodding I took a seat, he had put the familiar apron on me and was in the process of washing my hair, but in a different way then I’d ever had it done. Sipping the tea, it was delicious, what I had no way of knowing about this first batch, it was designed to open my mind up to suggestions, relax me, at the same time washing away any preconceived inhibitions I may have had.

Part of the cut, was a massage, which I loved, again a lot of touching here and there, whispering in my ear, holding my hand, and occasionally kissing them, but nothing that he did gave me any reason for concern. When he finished, the cut was fantastic, much better then I had ever had before, then, holding both of my hands, “Now we need to schedule you a weekly time, since you work all day, may I suggest a Monday evening, at my home Salon at say 6pm. Would that work for you?”

Monday was a prep day, my cases usually started on Tuesday, so I agreed on the time, and I left feeling better then I had in a long time.