The door shuts and leaves behind an ominous quiet. Yuri still regaining her breath, starts to slowly posture herself for standing up. She reaches down and scoops up a palm full of cum that has oozed out of her. She slowly limps to the bathroom to clean up.

As she turns the corner I see one of the $20s still stuck to her lower back. It makes me slightly chuckle. The bed of the hotel was a soppy mess and i felt bad for housekeeping.

I walk into the bathroom where Yuri is washing her hands and mouth. She has a look of intent on Her face. I finally ask, “what do we do now? He still has your nudes.” She glaces at me for a moment and say “maybe i wasn’t good enough this time” as she slightly shrugs her shoulders.

We get into the shower to get a deeper clean and she faces me. She looks me in the eyes and says “why did you join in?”. I’m lost for a response but finally after some stuttering I muster up “I’ve always wanted to do that with you”. She tisked, and turns away from me to proceed with her shower.

As we prepare to leave the room, we realize that we will have to endure the embarrassing check out process since they recognize us.

We walk up to the front desk and are surprised to see Zach there bullshitting with the employee there. His name is Ryan and He is one of Zach’s college frat brothers that I’ve met before. We just catch the tail end of “dude her asian pussy was so tight…” But the sentance was abruptly cut off upon seeing us.

Zach has a wide grin on his face as he pivets from looking at me, then to Yuri and then to Ryan. Zach tells Ryan through a controlled laugh “what did I tell you?” We proceed to check out and Ryan made it more awkward by already knowing the room number.

They then follow us with their eyes as we leave the building. We get into our car and Yuri says with confidence “what an arrogant prick, why does he fuck so….” Before abruptly cutting herself off. “So…what?” I say trying not to smile. “Why does he fuck so good” she says under her breath.

Later that night once getting back to the house we get a Facebook event invitation from our friend Brian. Brian is one person in our friend group that Zach and i went to high school with. The event is to go to a near by lake overnight in some cabins.

The group of people attending is quite large. As i scroll through the list, of course Zach’s name pops up as “going”. Yuri loves the outdoors and I tell her about the event verbally. She accepts the invitation on her profile without discussion. “You know Zach will be there right?” I say. She snaps back “yeah, that’s why I want to go.” She sees the confused look on my face before following up with “to get those pictures back!” She says in a very unconvincing way.