Growing up, a friend’s father had a lawn service business and would pay me to help out during the summer breaks. I’d load up my little pick up truck with a mower and equipment and he would tell me where to go. The summer heat made it so I had to work in the mornings and be done by the afternoons. It was then, when I was loading back up one afternoon, when an older man drove up in a Mercedes Benz and rolled down his window.

”It’s too hot to be working” he said, I agreed and he smiled. I told him I was actually done for the day. He asked if I wanted to come by his house, he said he had yard work for me to do if I wanted and he also said, “I’ve got a swimming pool also, if you want to cool off.” I didn’t think anything of it and followed him up to his big, nice house. He clearly already had landscapers, his yards were immaculate. He pointed out some work for me to do, but said “Why don’t you cool off first, though.” The thought of jumping into a swimming pool in that heat sounded great, but I told him that I didn’t have any swim trunks. He replied, “That’s ok, swim in your underwear or in nothing at all. It’s very private.” Maybe I should have known what he was really interested in, maybe in a way I actually did.

He was obviously successful, big house, big pool and I was maybe alittle awe struck. I stripped down to my underwear and dove in. He dove in also, but I didn’t notice that he was completely nude. The water felt amazing and with the sun beating down, I climbed out and layed on my stomach on the warm concrete.

He climbed out too and I could sense that he was laying down close to me. There is just something sexual about water and sun, when he started to run his finger tips along the back of my thigh he sent tingling jolts through my whole body and straight to my head. His touch took my breath away and I layed there in silence, lost in the sensations. He continued to run his finger tips up my leg, gave my ass a light squeeze and traced up and down my back. My head was swimming, I felt intoxicated and I had to shift my weight because he had made my cock rock hard. It was when he straddled my back to massage and rub me that I knew he was nude. I could feel his cock on me. What a shocking, but oddly, incredibly wonderful feeling. I knew there was no stopping now, and I didn’t want too!

Rubbing my shoulders, he moved forward and back, dragging his balls and cock against my lower back and underwear covered ass. When he began to pull and slide them down, I actually lifted my hips to make it easier. The whole thing was just so sensual, so erotic, so exciting. He layed back down next to me and rolled me gently onto my back. I put my arm over my eyes, partially to block the sun, partially because I was too embarrassed to look at him. He took my hard, throbbing dick in his hand and began to slowly, softly, stroke me. I was gone, totally lost. His touch was so purposeful, so loving and passionate, nothing like any of the girls I had known before. Nothing had ever felt better.