The couple I was involved with moved away, so they hooked me up with another couple who had a beautiful place in the southern Alabama woods.

A note to my readers:So many of you have asked me about myself and my personal story that I decided to put it in writing and post it.

Much of this story is true, so I’ve divided it into three chapters. Chapter one (History) is true. Chapter two (Visit One) is also true. Chapter three, (Visit Two) is my fantasy of what I wished would have happened. For those of you who have chatted with me online, much of My History and Visit One will be very familiar to you. Also, for those of you who have read my story “Golden Girls”, you will recognize the setting, as it is very real, and I used that as the setting for that story.


My History

I was a virgin when I got married at twenty-eight years old. I often hear “How is that possible in this day and age?” The answer is complicated, but it boils down to two things: First, I grew up in a very strict, very conservative, very religious home in a small town in West Texas (less than four thousand people). Secondly, for whatever reason, I was not a sexual person. Sex simply wasn’t important to me.

My husband was a wonderful man who just happened to be a terrible lover. I didn’t know the difference for sure, and surely not from experience, but I knew something wasn’t right. Orgasms, which I’d heard a lot about from the girls in high school and college eluded me. Masturbation was another thing I’d heard about, but I’d never tried it.

And then my life was turned upside down. My husband was a roofing salesman. He made pretty good money, so we didn’t struggle financially. Part of his job required him to get up on roofs and measure them so he could put together an estimate for the homeowner. A few days short of our second wedding anniversary and before having children, he fell head first off a roof onto the driveway and died almost instantly from a crushed skull and broken neck.

Naturally, things were crazy for a while after that. The owners of the company he was working for were afraid I’d sue them for something, so they bent over backward to help me. They even gave me a job doing computer work for them—which I could do from home. They did ask me to come to the office sometimes, and even go to see problem customers who wouldn’t pay for one reason or another. They found that I was pretty good at collecting from those customers, and soon, I became a valued member of the company.

I used the life insurance money to buy a beautiful home in a quiet little suburb. It had two bedrooms, two baths, and a beautiful kitchen. The backyard had a pool, a hot tub, and a nice privacy fence.