I use tuk tuk’s a lot more than my own vehicle as it provides rapid transit in the midst of heavy traffic. It is also cheaper in a way and I don’t have totest my patience and get a headache driving amidst the chaotic traffic and also waste precious time to find parking places.


It also provides me the opportunity to show off my thighs when I travel in a tuktuk in a short skirt. When I am real horny I even part my thighs to show my inner thighs and pussy to passing motorists and pedestrians……I make sure at such times to wear my big dark glasses so as not to be easily recognisable.

Sometimes I happen to meet tuktuk drivers (TD) who are good to eat! But it is not possible for me to tap a TD on his shoulders and tell: hey buddy, I need to suck you off, so please find a cosy place!! With an eatable TD in front of me with his mind on driving I am behind him with a mouth and pussy hungry for cock! It happens many times!

Then it happened one night where I sucked off a TD under a tree in Skelton Road with vehicles passing by.

I was invited for a drink at Kinross club by my friend and her husband. We drank and smoked and I enjoyed battered prawns and potato wedges with the liquor! I must have consumed a near half bottle of gin as I felt niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!! It was time to go. When we got out and got into separate tuktuks it was past 10 pm.

My TD was a guy in his thirties. On the way I asked whether he had a matchbox to light my cigarette. He gave me the box and in return I offered him a cigarette which he took. I wasted many sticks in trying to light my fag but could not owing to the wind knocking the fire off. I asked the TD to stop the vehicle for a minute so that I could light my cigarette. While lighting mine he lit his too.

Suddenly it struck me that I should seduce him. He looked a smart chap and my pussy urged me to do something. It was nighttime and lonely all around ……………..and I was a bit high with dutch courage in me and I wanted to be naughty! I was alone with a smart looking male in the night in a lonely road for god’s sake and so it was quite natural for me to became horny! Any woman would! When he was about to move I asked him whether he could wait a while till we finished our cigarettes. He agreed and then we fell into conversation……..the very thing I wanted!

I asked him personal questions. I was quite bold too as I was feeling quite high with a near half a bottle of gin in my system. He said he was 35 but unmarried and lived with his parents. When I asked him why he was not married he said he had to give 2 sisters in marriage and had to look after his ill mother – he lost his father some years back. Coming to girlfriends he said he had many during his schooldays but that was all for fun. But later on he had a girl friend with whom he carried on seriously for some years until she got caught to him having a relationship with another guy. She cried and confessed to him that it was only sexual and that she did not love the other guy. But the TD dropped her like a hot potato.