Dawn and I are happily married and we got in to a rut of staying in, Dawn had been to work one day and came home and said her friend Lisa and her husband go on date nights and they have rekindled their romance! I asked Dawn if that’s what you want then every Friday we make it a date night and we do something different and make a thing of it? ok, Dawn said yes please lets get out and start living again.

the week had come to an end and it was Friday evening and Dawn was all excited to go out and have a meal and a drink, I put my glad rags on and Dawn looked stunning in her dress, wow Dawn you scrub up well I said and she replied you cheeky git I always do! lol.
I had booked a nice restaurant and ordered ahead for or table to be in the corner with a fine red waiting for us, Dawn was impressed with my choice, we sat and talked all night it was fun, better than sat in watching telly, Dawn said why didn’t we do this more? I told her you work hard I work hard we are always tired and after a while it seemed better to stay in? but I told her we would try to relight the fire and have some fun.

the weekend passed and we had done our chores like visit the c***dren visit the parents do our shopping watch the football ect ect, back to work Monday and look forward to Friday night. during the week over dinner we sat and talked about life as you do, I asked Dawn what and where should we go Friday? Dawn always says up to you but this time I said No you choose, well she said I don’t know many places but what about our 1st date where we met in the Rose and Crown that’s if its still there, that sounds great i’ll google it and book a table if they do food.

I did my research and it was there but called the Dog and Gun so I booked a table for 8 o clock with another fine red ready for us, I told Dawn and she said wouldn’t it be fun if I went in alone and you came in after and was stood at the bar looking at me like you did when we 1st met then came over like before and ask if you knew me! then I replied to you no I don’t think so but I could? then somehow we ended up married for 30 years. I said that would be a laugh wouldn’t it, ok lets do it.
it was Friday night Dawn and I shared the taxi to the Dog and Gun but I went into bar and Dawn went into the lounge and asked the barman where our table was and he showed her over to it, Dawn sat down and the waiter came over with the bottle of red and poured for Dawn then asked is the gentleman coming and should I pour his, Dawn said no thanks we will do our own.