“How are you doing, sir?” I had just walked into Mr. C’s office and took a seat in one of the visitor chairs in front of his desk.

“You tell me, Abby. How am I doing today?”

“Pretty well, sir.” I scanned the tablet resting on my bare thigh. “We look to be ahead of schedule on reports and replies. I thought your meeting downtown and your meeting downstairs went well. And, you only have one meeting remaining, that is a video meeting with the west coast at 4:00 our time.” After a moment of silence, I looked up. “Sir?” He was leaning back in his chair with a pleasant smile on his face.

“Sorry, Abby, just a lecherous old man enjoying his assistant. But, if we’re ahead at all, it has more to do with your efforts.”

I closed the tablet and set it on the edge of his desk. I ignored the comment. It was, after all, my job. “Well, sir, you’re not lecherous, you’re appreciative … and thank you, sir … and you are definitely not old. Some people may seem old at 51 but not you, sir.”

He shifted his eyes from my bare body and looked out the door still holding the ‘appreciative’ smile. “I like it, Abby. It was a great idea of yours.”’

In the month or so since I took the position of his PA, I had not only filled the position fully, like his big cock filled one of my holes, but I had suggested several modifications to the office rules. Besides the increased pay for providing sex in the office (if we thought about that too hard, it could cause me to think we were just a bunch of skilled, educated call-girls so it isn’t thought about too hard), an allowance was added for stockings which are quickly ruined by being on our knees much during the day. Compared to the salary it was a minor addition but appreciated by all the women. But then I suggested a major change, this was to the dress standard for the women. It was a major a shift, and though he could have made the change on his own, he sought and get approvall from his staff. Director level and higher women, like Ms. Benson, could be fully dressed as respect of their authority; manager level, like Sara, could cover their breasts, pussy, and ass with bra and panties. The rest of us would still remain exposed BUT we could add sheer lingerie like baby-dolls and covers as long as our bodies were fully on display.

“Thank you, sir. I think it was popular all around. The women appreciate the variety and I think the men find it appealing. Nudity all the time can become desensitizing, if you understand my meaning.”

He smiled as his eyes moved from my face to my breasts to lower as I slowly and carelessly uncrossed and recrossed my legs. Today, I was fully naked, not even stockings and heels. The contrast from other days seemed to have had the effect I was hoping for.