After School Playtime With Brooklyn
Brooklyn’s petite fingers played around at the edges of the crotch of my panties as I sat back on her bed, my legs laying open for her. No one has ever touched me there before and I was very excited.

“Do you like the feeling?” She asked me with her adorably cute smile and flashing eyes. Her bright yellow hair seemed to cascade from her head in tendrils, like a pixie from a storybook. As she asked me this, her fingertips slipped under the warm cotton to tickle the edge of my labia on one side. She pulled playfully at the sensitive skin. I looked down at her hand as she did this, my body filling with intoxicatingly powerful sensations. I was so turned on! My polo was already hiked above one breast, my nipple hanging freely in the bright light of her bedroom. She’d deftly unclipped my bra and tossed it aside already. I ached to feel her hands on my body in a way I didn’t think possible for a girl. She’s just soooo cuuuttee!

I have a boyfriend, but we are saving ourselves for marriage. There was a rumor going around about Brooklyn, that if you go over to her house after school, she will try to lick your pussy. I usually only hang out with the Christian girls from my church. But, there was something so exciting and dangerous and, hmmm…sexy about her. When she wanted to be friends with me, I jumped in and wondered where it might lead.

This afternoon she offered to have me over for dinner with her family. We rode the bus to her house and she gave me a tour. She plopped on her bed and we talked like besties for about half an hour. Her room was bright and cartoonishly cheerful, colorful and sunshiny like she is. She pulled out a puzzle of Paris for us to work on together. While we pushed pieces around, she was full of questions about me, where I’d moved from, my boyfriend, my family. She seemed to want to know everything about me.

“Have you ever been kissed by a girl?” She seemed to blurt it out of nowhere.

“No, I’ve only kissed Bryson. We don’t mess around beyond that.”

“Why not?”

“Because of church. Have you?”

“Yes I’ve kissed boys and girls both. I like girls better I think. They’re so soft and sweet. Boys are fun too. But, they don’t know how to do things for a girl that we like, not like girls do anyway.”

“I guess I don’t know about any of that either. I mean, I’ve never done any of it, so…”

“Are you curious?” She didn’t waste any time.

“I mean, yeah of course.”

“Because I really like teaching. You’re really, really pretty. I’d love to show you how its done.”

All of a sudden my heart was pounding in my throat. She looked at me with hungry eyes and a smile. Her gaze drifted down my neck to my chest. She played along my thigh with one finger.