“Numbers are down again. When was the last time views hit over 300k?” sighed James as he stared at the screen in front of him, full of charts and graphs.

James Willems was a member of Funhaus, a popular entertainment channel on YouTube based in Los Angeles. They’d grown the channel into a successful business, selling merchandise and they had always sold out their live shows when they went on tour around the world.

But as with all YouTube channels, they still needed views in order to make money and attract advertisers.

However with the world still a long way away from recovering from the Coronavirus pandemic and the latest changes to the YouTube algorithm affecting sponsors and audiences, their views were lower than usual and weren’t picking up anytime soon. This meant money was low too, and the notoriously impatient new corporate bosses in Austin, Texas who owned the channel were threatening to shut it down if things didn’t improve.

James spun his chair slowly away from the screen and rested his head on his hands. He sat quietly, looking at the floor.

The silence was broken by a distinctive Australian accent. “What about a live-stream? They always do well – especially the drunk ones.”

It was Alanah Pearce, one of the main on-screen talents at Funhaus. She brushed her long silver-dyed hair away from her face, then took a sip from her coffee whilst waiting for a response from James.

The response came quicker than she expected. “No, we can’t monetize it. Too many red flags for YouTube.”

Another voice chimed in. “Patreon? Ask the fans to donate to keep us going.”

“Against the rules or something. Austin said so.”

Alanah tried again to find the solution they desperately needed. “What about merchandise? We’ve got some great designs we haven’t used yet, and endless jokes and catchphrases.”

James shrugged. “We can try, but Austin hasn’t given us much of a merchandise budget because of the coronavirus costs affecting manufacturing and shipping.”

The meeting continued for a while longer, as everyone pitched ideas about how to both fix the slump in views, and make up for the shortfall in money.

It wasn’t until that night when a potential solution came into Alanah’s head.

The 27-year-old had always been a magnet for thirsty nerds since she rose to online fame. Her social media DM’s were a mess, and a minefield of dick-pics peppered the opposing stances that were declarations of love and threats.

Her big, natural breasts were two of her best features. She often wore low cut tops to display her cleavage, and was proud of the effect they had on onlookers even if she would never admit it.

She loved to tease her co-workers in the Funhaus office. Especially James. Alanah would catch James staring down her top if they sat next to each other during a video. Or notice his eyes struggling to avoid her chest if they sat opposite each other while recording the podcast. Her tits were much bigger than those of his Elyse, his wife.