My sexual life began with Alice in 1976. She taught me how to please a woman and became my first love. I would not only become her lover and “son” but her – and her husband (Rick) – “daughter”. From that beginning I would be over to her house every 2-3 days, holiday weekends and weeks at a time. She took me into dressing soon using a strap-on in me and I loved it. Soon after and dressed as Juliet she taught me how to how to suck Rick (I really didn’t like it but once I felt and tasted him I knew I was going to want more) and hours later I felt him explode deep into me. Alice would have other women for me to please as her son and teaching me to enjoy crossdressers and trannies as Juliet. Rick taught me how to please a man as his son – and daughter. Much more happened and by the end of those 5 years I was off to collage studying hard as my tranny side grew. I made frequent trips between school, work and home to spend time with them. I had a call from Rick asking me to be a pall bearer – I flew from my job in Europe. I had a number of photos of her and me with them – now long lost. I’ve written by “beginning” story before – in reviewing it I decided to go out and search for photos of her and found the one used for her obituary. I added her dates and location – this photo is very much how she was in 1976. I never knew her age until the obit – in 1976 she was 28.
Alice Part 1
She died at age 69 – very fitting for being taught how to 69 with her in 1976, and being their daughter on my back with a man in my throat controlling my urge to gag choking as sperm exploded into it

Seeing her photo and reading my old accountings brought back a flood of memories in more detail than I had written…so I’ve rewritten it. Here is my story.

1976 – no public internet, no cell phones, no digital cameras, and women still wore dresses… I had been taking care of the Daniels yard last summer. From the roadway it looked like it was one level. Walking in was the living room and you could see an open floor plan for kitchen, dining and family room. The rest of the floor held two bedrooms, master bedroom and 3 bathroom. The furthest I had been was to the first small bathroom that only had a toilet and sink. Yet if you were in the back you’d see balcony surrounding the back bedrooms and a lower level where their in-ground pool was. There was an inside area for showers and an open lounge area but half on that bottom area was always curtained with a closed locked door. At times Alice called me to take care of their dog Max – a massive Mastiff when they were out of town. When I first offered to do work for them Alice was several inches taller and Rick taller than her. I had grown but more than that whenever I was close to Alice I felt a little odd and took notice of her body. She always wore dresses that showed the traces of large breasts and stomach, wide hips and a big plush rear – at that time she would have been called fat yet on her I found myself fighting to keep from staring. I’d watch her walk away seeing that big rear sway side to side, or lean over exposing just a little of her large breasts made me uncomfortable in my pants. Alice had always given me hugs and her scent had an effect on me I had to squirm a little after adjusting my pants. Alice never seemed to notice her effect which made me feel a little better.