Allie, the Bratty Sub gets properly punished
Allie could feel the heat between her thighs so intensely, she swore she could light her lace panties on fire if she were allowed to rub her legs together. Every nerve ending in her heated aroused sex was ready to explode. She wanted to cum, no… she needed to cum, so fucking badly. But she had no way to voice her opinion, or close her legs now for that matter.

She groaned as she bit down harder on the leather sandwiched between her teeth. The buzz from the round egg vibrator stuffed up in her suffering cunt, driving her so close to the edge. She could feel the drool dripping from the corners of her mouth as she clenched the thick round handle and prayed to god she didn’t let go.

The wetness running down her chin was mimicking the wetness now leaking out of her pussy and down her hot inner thighs. She clenched her eyes shut wishing it would end in a good way, wishing she had behaved herself and obeyed her Master. She groaned and chastised herself for being such a stupid brat and tried to remember why this was happening to her.


Late this morning he had dragged her up out of her hungover slumber and attached her cuffed wrists to their punishment arch. She was still dressed in her very short, body hugging clubbing dress. Except now her Master had pulled the much too tight and slightly cum stained dress up over her hips. Her thin lace panty being the only thing protecting her modesty.

Suspended there by her wrists, her tired stretched arms aching now, Allie remembered the last time he suspended her like this. He had whipped her pussy mercilessly for hours on end. The memory of that long night quickly making her hangover vacate and even some tears began to trickle as she begged him for forgiveness.

Forgiveness for her now forgotten transgressions of the previous night. She was desperately trying to remember last night and why he was so angry and being so punishingly stern with her.

“Please sir, it was the alcohol Sir..I didn’t mean to be disobedient. I didn’t mean to be a brat Sir…pleazzze…no whip Sir, anything but the whip on my pussy. Anyth…UMMMAA”

Her pleading speech cut off suddenly as he jammed the handle of his most dreaded short leather pleated whip in between her teeth and lips.

“Okay you protesting little bitch. I won’t whip your tender pussy….yet!” he barked into her shocked face. “But the moment you drop this whip, is the moment I take it and whip your thighs and cunt so fucking hard you won’t stop crying for a week. Remember the last time? You cried like a baby for hours, especially when I fucked your swollen raw disobedient cunt.”

He looked at his watch and then with an evil grin said, “But since I am not a total sadist and love my darling little sub, when she’s properly subservient, if you make it to sunset, I will only tie you over the spanking bench and paddle your cute ass…And then fuck it hard! For good measure!”