Amanda Alarcon is from Guatemala. I met her in New Jersey when she was in the United States going to college in NYC. She got a full scholarship from the United Nations to attend the NEW SCHOOL in lower Manhattan. I really thought she was absolutely gorgeous. As we got to know each other she told me that she is Catholic and in her country if you want to marry well you must be a virgin. The priest and her mother always told her that. When we met Amanda was 38 years old and still a virgin. At first I thought she was messing around with me but after we started living together sure enough she was a virgin. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted her so much. She would be nude in front of me but I couldn’t touch her with anything more than a huge and kiss. Soon I found out that she was taking medicine for depression, anorexia and other mental illnesses. When she finishes school she MUST go back to her country Guatemala for at least 2 years that was the deal with the United Nations. She would take four or five pills a day for her condition. I tried one and it knocked me on my ass for 12 hours. I was passed out cold. Amanda was half my size and she was taking 4 to 5 a day. She would play with me sexually get me all worked up with a raging hard-on then say okay that’s enough. She was killing me… I was going out of my mind.
Then one night she seemed to be more out of it then usual. She had forgotten that she already took her medicine and took some more. So she doubled her medicine. At first I was worried she might over does but she said she has done this before and she will be fine. Amanda passed out and I was up all night checking on her to see that she was ok. After three hours of this I tried to wake her up to move from the couch into the bed. She was so far gone I couldn’t wake her up. I tried everything she was like a limp doll. I carried her to bed put her down and undressed her and that’s when we it hit me. Seeing Amanda nude totally unaware of anything I thought what the hell. I started sucking her little nipples and tried to finger her and yup Amanda was a virgin. I could feel her hymen. I got between her legs opened up her vagina to see what it looked like. At this point I had a hard-on which was killing me. I started eating her out and she still hasn’t moved at all. After a few minutes I got up and kind of was over her looking down at her face and the tip of my penis was touching her vagina I of course I had to lower myself a little and moved forward until I was pushing against her vagina and then I kinda slipped in a little bit. My God she felt so good as I slowly pulled out watching her face to see if she was going to wake up. Amanda didn’t move a muscle at all. I pushed back in to her pulled out and in and out in out in out until was completely inside of her and she hasn’t moved. This was incredible how tight and wet she was and I was just about to cum so I pushed all the way into her and came deep inside of her.
The next afternoon when she started to come to from her meds she didn’t say anything to me about feeling well funny or sore. Thanks to her meds I finally found a way into Amanda.
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