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It was the hot and humid month of June in Mumbai in 2002. My wife Malavika and I were on a short holiday as we had never been to the Bollywood city before. We flew from Bangalore on a Friday evening and checked into a hotel close to the airport for the night. The plan was to stay at a friend’s house in the city centre from the next day.

We had a good night’s sleep and woke up late at 10 am to the door knock from the room boy. In 20 minutes he got us breakfast and newspaper and we decided to relax until evening when we would shift to our friend’s house. Just as I sat browsing the newspaper I was drawn to an advertisement in the classifieds area asking for a smart lady servant in 20s or 30s for a rich Marwari family in the Jhaveri area. I sat bemused at what smart meant and asked my wife to look at it. After seeing it she asked what bothered me about the advertisement.

I smiled at her and said, “ I just imagined you as a servant and at 34 you look really smart and pretty”.
“Whaaat?” my wife squealed.

“OK don’t panic it was just a weird thought” I told her and laughed it away.

Later that afternoon we had lunch at the hotel restaurant and returned to the room when Malavika said, “ Vish did you really imagine me in a servant’s role? Don’t you think I have worked hard to be a lawyer?”

“Ah don’t get emotional darling, it was just a silly thought, that’s all” ,I said

“But Vish, how will you feel if I suddenly change into a servant, that is dressing and looking like one”

“You will still look delicious as you are now babes”, I remarked

“I fancy being a servant for sometime Vish, even the thought is stimulating”, my wife said

In this way our conversation ended up with us discussing the newspaper advertisement again. Strangely Malavika and I got stimulated at the very thought of he being a servant and started planning to chase up on the Marwari family. At the end of our discussion we got so horny that we ended up having sex even without removing our clothes fully. Our next plan was to change the rest of our plans for the next week in Mumbai. I called my friend’s house and said we were held up in Bangalore for a few more days and will let him know of the plans soon. We extended our stay at the hotel for 1 more night and I called the Marwari’s number. The meeting was arranged for 6 pm and we reached there a bit early. We both dressed as simple as possible to make it look real. Malavika was wearing a Salwar Kameez still looked very pretty.

It was a big house with a guard at the front and was surrounded by lush gardens. We were asked to wait at the verrandah of the house for about 10 minutes before an elderly man and woman appeared to talk to us. We introduced ourselves as a jobless couple from the south and that we were desperately looking for work. The family was a large joint family of about 20 people, most of them doing textile business. There were 4 main families belonging to the old couple’s 3 sons and 1 daughter. There were atleast 2 c***dren in each family and the place looked full of people all the time, but the house was so massive that it made things easy. The couple employed both of us although we could not talk good hindi. I was meant to do lots of things while my wife had her main work in the kitchen.