I walked outside and inhaled deep; the smell of approaching rain. I opened my eyes to a view of thunderstorms to the East. “Well there goes drinking my coffee on the patio.” I thought.

As I walked back through the sliding glass door, Nicole was descending the staircase rubbing her big beautiful brown eyes. As she was approacing the landing, she quickly and playfully turned around and pounced to her knees as Bella, our dog, was running down the steps toward her. From my vantage point, Nicole just stuck her gorgeous ass and pussy directly at me! I could see our dried juices on the inside of her leg and it made my cock jolt, instantly remembering how AWESOME last night was!

Tired and groggy, it took her a few seconds to realize what she just did. She turned her head back towards me, smiled and shook her ass playfully like she always does. I asked, “Do you want sausage for breakfast because I have some if you’d like it!” She giggled and sarcastically said, “Well… I might , but you have to make me eggs first.”

“Fertilized Ovaries or actual aborted chickens?” I asked.

“I wish to eat the undead!” she replied laughing.

It was Saturday morning, and we had no k**. Nicole was exhausted from the festivites the evening before, and to be honest, so was I.

Last night was our 15 year anniversary and I planned an entire 3 day weekend’s worth of fun for the two of us. Last night though, Nicole surprised me with a fucking awesome dinner at Bern’s Steakhouse! I haven’t had their filet since I was a k**. Literally, I worked across the street from there, where their current parking garage is located, in an old auto repair shop when I was a teenager. It was only two weeks but in that time, we serviced Bern’s van. Yeah, not a nice van, just a shity Ford E150 rusty box. He was a weird dude, but he payed his service bill in fresh cooked aged steaks and I ate the best meal of my young life.

Anyway… Nicole surprised me with dinner and a trip to Side Bern’s, the dessert room! We typically don’t drink any wine, unless Nicole is in the mood for her Pampelmousse reserve(say it snob-ily) I bought from our friends restaurant. But tonight we both listened to the Sommelier and were both feelin high, and feelin mellow… I was drinkin Bourbon, I was drinkin Scotch, and I was drinkin beear(-George Thorogood, lol)… So after dessert and a little sweet wine, neither of us were driving. I hailed an Uber and we waited. And waited. And waited some more.

Apparently there was an accident both South and North of us and Ubers were stuck. We could wait, or we could walk. Neither of us wanted to walk due to our inebriated state, but we had no choice… so I decided to make the best of our walk! Within our first few steps, I immediately put my hand under Nicole’s dress and grabbed a hold of her right ass cheek, and didn’t let go. She smiled at me and said, “Careful, that thing might go off from all the gluten I just ate!”