I was not having a good day. My boyfriend and I had had a very heated frank exchange of views and he had stormed off in a strop. I did the decent and went down to the pub and got sloshed out my head, drowning my sorrows.

After unburdening myself of my feelings that all men are pigs, I was well on my way to a hangover. I got talking (or should that be slurring) to a few people and to one girl in particular. She was 5’7” tall, slender build with long flowing thick jet black hair in a ponytail and the deepest brown eyes. She told me she was a student, studying psychology PhD. I must have been a classic cases study!

We got pretty drunk and drank the night away, heading back to my place to do some further damage to a bottle of Chardonnay. That was consumed and we headed to bed. There was nothing to suggest that anything was going to happen, so thought nothing about it. As we sauntered through to my bedroom, I gave Sally a T shirt of my boyfriend and I put on my pyjamas. After a few minutes of chat we fell asleep at about 2.00 AM.

After a while I felt some breathing on my neck, which I found quite pleasant, then a kiss, then a nibble on my earlobe. A tingling electric shock pulsated down my left side. I was going to have to teach my boyfriend how to do that. This continued for a good few enjoyable minutes I felt a hand start to stroke my stomach gently. After a few more minutes of this I felt Sally roll me over onto my stomach while she started to massage my chest and to nuzzle the nape of my neck in between chewing my earlobe. Eventually I could stand no more of this and rolled back onto my back and we started to kiss some of the most passionate kisses I have ever shared.

Sally pulled my top off me and in the most sensual way chew on my now very erect and puffy nipples. Having my back clawed with her long nails, nipples chewed and neck kissed, my feelings were all over the place. She had a lovely ability to have her hands everywhere at exactly the right time and right place.

After I thought she could do no more to please me, she started working her way down from my chest to my taught stomach, licking and blowing a chilling and tantalisingly cool breath on me. How could she better that? Without being consulted, she tugged my pyjamas free and I was lying there for all the world to see (well Sally anyway) completely naked. I had never envisaged being this intimate with a girl, but with the excitement of the forbidden fruit and the remaining effects of the ample amount of alcohol, I was not going to ruin the moment.

Seeing that I was a smooth shaved girl, her eyes lit up and continued her movement downwards. I was in no mood to stop her as her soft lips met my pubis bone and got to work on my now very wet pussy. She certainly knew how to go down on a girl and I was in ecstasy. I fell asleep in her arms, a very contented lady.