This is not my story. I am re-posting it word for word.

Author’s Note:
This is the first chapter of a longer work. I promise that
in succeeding chapters the sexual content will increase and
some of the actions of the protagonists, which presently
appear somewhat ‘c***dish’, will be shown to have at least
token motivation.
Washington Irving

by Washington Irving

I. The Beginning

She popped the last of the batter-fried cod into her mouth and
washed it down with the dregs of the pint of bitters. The
remaining mealy french fries (chips?) she would leave without
regret. Jimmy was already finished and looked as anxious as she
to get to their room and collapse. They had k**ded each other
through the ‘pub-grub’ supper as to who would get the first hot

They had arrived in England that morning, after an all night
flight featuring a six hour time change. Both she and her son
had slept only fitfully in the cramped seats, arriving – after a
breakfast neither was ready for – into Gatwick airport at 8 A.M.
Greenwich time. She had booked ahead into an inn near Stratford
upon Avon, the one at which they now ate. She remembered from
her only other trip to the British Isles that the best way to
conquer the time change was to get on the new sleep schedule as
quickly as possible, so they had doggedly crammed themselves into
their tiny rental car and spent the day seeing castles, churches,
and picturesque villages. Jimmy went along with her doubtful
jet-lag theory – or at least refrained from complaining.

Actually, she was pleasantly surprised with his attitude.
After the divorce, it had seemed certain that he would go to
live with his father. But after spending a week with James
about a month before, Jimmy had announced he would stay with
her. In a surge of relief, she had planned this vacation for
the two of them, not thinking until it was too late that
travelling through England with his mother might not be a
thirteen year old boy’s idea of a thrilling time. His smiles
seemed sincere, though, and she attributed to an overactive
imagination her feeling that his eyes showed an amused
superiority at her enthusiasm.

As they returned to the car to get their bags, she wondered
anew at Jimmy’s rapid growth over just the past six months. He
was now a full four inches taller than her own petite 5′ 1″ and
lanky as a colt. She was thankful for his new male strength –
the suitcases would have been too much for her without him along
to take the larger ones. Now, hopefully, a quick check-in, then
a soft bed…

The jet-lag must have really set in. The inn-keeper’s words
echoed meaninglessly in her fogged mind. “… you did ask for a
double room … last one available … other hotels and bed and
breakfasts in the area full also… busy season…” Why was he
restating the obvious, and looking back and forth from her to
her son? Yes, they were sharing a room, but they could change
in the bathroom and each stick to their own bed. They were
mother and son for chrissakes!