[ Another in a series of interracial cuckoldry scenarios! ]

I had known for a while that my wife did not find me sexually satisfying. In fact, I’d known that, even before we got married, but we’d established a closeness, even an intimacy that neither one of us wanted to discard, so we set down and hashed out an agreement, an understanding, that though we were going to be ‘husband and wife’, in a legal sense (as well as emotionally), that sex was not going to be the sole, and exclusive prerogative, for me as Cynthia’s husband; and I accepted that right from the beginning.

In 1987 Cynthia and I became acquainted with another married couple, Mike and Jan were their names. Mike was five or six years older than Jan. The interesting thing about them, which is what had interested Cynthia especially, was they were into the cuckold lifestyle, and especially the interracial cuckold lifestyle. I don’t remember just how Cynthia first discovered Mike and Jan, and their intriguing lifestyle, but she was very eager for us to meet them; and after some back and forth, we did just that.

Jan was a tall, ‘statuesque’ blond, with a nice figure. Mike was somewhat shorter than her, with some graying hair just starting to show up around his temples. They were an interesting couple.

Right off the bat, and without the slightest hint of embarrassment, Mike came right out and admitted that he and Jan rarely had sex (though that they once had done so, but all that changed after she discovered the allure of black cock; and the bigger the better). Soon, his sex life had devolved into camera man/voyeur. “But, hell,” Mike had quipped, in his slightly gravelly, husky voice, “it ‘aint every guy that gets to see his wife get some seriously big black cock. Ya know? And I ‘aint complaining, either. Jan’s a good woman, and I’m one lucky son-of-a-bitch that she IS my wife!” As he’d said that, Jan leaned over and patted him on the hand smiling happily as she did. “Well,” she said,”I think I’M pretty lucky, too!” She said. “It’s hard to find a guy like Mike! It’s not every husband who’d be as understanding and supportive as my Mike is with me!”

Mike and Jan were completely open about their unconventional life as a married couple, and Cynthia and I were impressed; and thanks to their unashamed openness with us, we eventually started telling them about our own growing interest in cuckolding, and interracial cuckolding in particular.

Jan gave us a big, friendly smile, and she glanced at Mike; and he smiled back at her. Mike said: “Oh my! Here we go, honey” (speaking to Jan), “we got ourselves another one!”

“Another one, what?” I asked.

“Mike means another married white couple interested in that holy grail of all holy grail’s (for white women, at least) BIG black cock.”

“Jan told me,” Mike interjected, ” that Cynthia and she have been chatting back and forth about that. So,” he said, looking at me, “are YOU into this? That’s the bigger question. ‘Cuz, if you’re not sure about this, then ya better quit now. You’re either into it, or you ‘aint. Isn’t that Jan?”