An Old Debt has to be Paid--2An Old Debt has to be Paid--2 2An Old Debt has to be Paid--2 3

The Truth …

Next day was a Saturday. At breakfast I had some strange feeling. Not because a third person sitting there
but some unpleasant feeling. Perhaps I sensed that this day was going to change our life.
After breakfast we gone to central shopping street. She paid for his new clothes and shoes, even helped him
to choose and sometimes asked my opinion.
We got our lunch outside and afternoon about three o’clock we were at home.
He took his new things and said that he is tired and wants to sleep an hour.
I was also tired but I had some work to take care of. I went to my Study room and my wife told me she
is going also to lie down for some minutes.
At about 7 o’clock I called Mansour to com for dinner. After eating we sat in living room to chat and look at TV.
I asked him what his plan for future is. He looked at Meena who was sitting opposite to us and drinking a
cup of tea. He had a smile on his face and then responded:
“I am not sure first I have to sell one house, I mean my mother’s house which now belongs me.
I don’t know how much it is worth. Then I can start to plan. I am leaving tomorrow for my native town.
I thank you both for your hospitality…”
Meena said: “It is clear, you are my uncle and you are always welcome. You don’t need to thank us.”
I added: “Nevertheless.”
We chatted a little bit about this and that. I looked at watch. I was tired and it was about 10 o’clock.
Then apologized and said I am very tired and going to sleep.
Meena told me I am coming soon, my dear.
I went upstairs to sleep…
It was late at night when I woke up. I turned on my bedside lamp. I was alone in bed, where is Meena?
I thought. The door of bedroom was not completely shut and I heard some softly speech from downstairs.
They were still awake and speaking. I stand up to go to restroom then I heard some weeping sound.
I went out of bedroom in dark and stood on last upper stair. I noticed they are not more in the living room. They were in the dining room. Carefully I went the stairs down to the last stair. They couldn’t see me but
I could hear them clearly, the doors to kitchen and dining room were open.
She was crying and talking in between: “I don’t believe it, it can’t be true.”
He spoke quietly and relaxed: “We were not two but three, the third one was he. We went to jail and he took all money. But we remained loyal. He was after all my best friend. I told Saleh (Saleh was the friend which 7was arrested too) it has no sense to reveal your father. And now I am here and your father, my best friend
who betrayed me and Saleh is dead. He spent our money for him and his family, and he had not even a guilty
conscience at that. In the last years he forgot us completely and last seven years did not even visited me in jail.”
Now Mansour sounded angry and his tone was rough and full of hate.