Disclaimer: I will be naming several porn stars and fictional characters from other media in this series. The porn stars I name are fictional versions and I own none of the fictional characters from other media, they too are fictional versions.

Tom Evergreen admired the sight before him. Chloe and Athena hadn’t put on clothes since he first had them take off their clothes in front of him and Zoe yesterday. Chloe was on the couch, her naked body leaned against Zoe. The two had been watching a movie based on Cormac McCarthy’s novel The Road, but Zoe was soon distracted. Only a half dozen minutes into the movie, she started to kiss Chloe. Then, she commanded Chloe to stand up so that she could feel up the android’s ass and give her some ass smacks. Not even five minutes later, the movie was paused. Zoe had her pants removed. She knew Tom was near, which is why she didn’t go any further. She had Chloe lead the way upstairs. Tom stared with great interest. Zoe probably thought Tom was staring at Chloe’s sexy nakedness, but it was Zoe in black lace panties that had Tom’s attention. This was the most ass Zoe had shown him that she knew of since she still had no idea about the camera in her room. Tom hoped that this was a preview of what was to come because it meant that his daughter was getting more comfortable around him and might sometime soon get fully or partially naked in front of him. If he was really lucky, this display would also mean that she would eventually fuck him. Tom hadn’t been able to get his mind off sheathing his cock inside her pussy ever since he realized his lust for his own daughter.Having Athena next to him was a great release. As soon as the two girls were out of sight, Tom sat on the couch. It was still warm from Chloe and Zoe’s asses. He brought his nude android down on his lap, but not sitting. He had Athena lay her stomach on his lap. Her head was facing down and her ass was up. Since his newest android would be coming sometime today, Tom didn’t want to blow his load inside her. But he needed to get rid of some of his pent-up frustration from not being able to take his daughter’s cunt. He played a game with Athena to alleviate some of his frustration. Tom liked to play the game with her and Chloe because he could still dominate them even if he was too tired or spent to penetrate them. He called the game “Bad Daughter’s Punishment.”

Tom brought down his hand hard onto her sweet ass cheek. Athena giggled in response. Tom silenced her with a harder spank. Another, right after, brought a “Whooooa” from Athena. Tom gave her another hard spank. After a yelp of pain, Athena let out a satisfied moan. Before she even finished the moan, Tom spanked her again. She gave her sexy tushy a shake. She was teasing him.