She wanted harder; she would get it. Tom spanked his android’s ass. One after another after another. In rapid succession he spanked her hard a dozen times. She went from giggles and pleasure to grunts of pain and sucking in her breath. Her entire ass was red when he stopped. “Ow, Daddy. You really wanted to punish me. I must have been a bad girl.” Her complaint was part of the role-play since in actuality the sex bot was entirely submissive and would do whatever he wanted unless he changed her Reluctance settings.

Tom shook his head. “That was only part of it.” He picked her up and threw her onto the other side of the L shaped couch. Now on her back, she looked into his eyes and bit her lower lip. Tom got on top of her and actually sat down on her stomach. He went for her tits. He didn’t massage Athena’s tits like he usually did. Instead, he took her nipples between his thumbs and pointer fingers and pinched them. Athena let out a gasp at the new sensation. Before she could adjust to it, Tom twisted her nipples.

Tom sighed. “You haven’t learned your lesson yet, baby girl, if you’re still talking back to me,” he played. He slapped her, lightly, on the cheek. “You’re going to take your punishment without complaint. Here me?”

She nodded. “I belong to you, Daddy.”

Tom enjoyed spanking his girls, but he had never done the nipple pinching and twisting before. He was enjoying it too. Pinching and twisting her tits and some light slapping were some of the things Mr. Gill requested Tom do. There was another that Mr. Gill wanted and Tom was debating on trying it out on Athena. Tom had once had a girl in his bed, maybe 10 years ago, that was into choking, but he never went further than putting a hand on the woman’s throat. Tom started to move a hand towards Athena’s neck, but in that moment, the proximity alarm went off. His new girl was here.

Tom sent Athena back upstairs after giving her another smack on her ass. Just as the new android was getting out of the SUV, Zoe came downstairs. Tom admired the fact that in her haste to get downstairs, Zoe hadn’t put a bra back on. Her tight-fitting shirt displayed her hard nipples. She also hadn’t put pants back on and her panties had a wet spot. It would be the easiest thing to throw her on the couch, give her a few spankings, and take her pussy for his own. Tom resisted the urge to rape his daughter and turned back to the door.

Tom opened the door for Sansa Stark. She had on a Game of Thrones t-shirt and jean shorts. Underneath she had on a white bra and matching panties.

“You made an android out of Sophie Turner,” Zoe said with excitement and anticipation.

“Nope. She’ll be going by Sansa,” Tom answered taking the opportunity to glance at his daughter’s slutty appearance again. “I just didn’t want to have to deal with taking off one of those damn dresses, so I had them put her in normal clothes. We are going to be fucking Sansa today.” Zoe was obviously very turned on by the idea.