Tom switched back and forth between each breast for a couple minutes to give them each the attention they deserved. Zoe kept working on Sansa’s pussy. Tom was in the midst of switching from the left to the right when he noticed Zoe had closed her eyes. Tom had a dirty and daring idea. Even with his daughter right there, Tom pulled his dick out. He put a hand on the back of Sansa’s head and pulled her in. She quickly engulfed his cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down his shaft while his daughter devoured her pussy. Tom put both hands on the back of Sansa’s head and pulled in. He made the girl take his cock deep into her mouth. At the resulting gaging sound from Sansa choking on deep throat, Zoe opened her eyes.

“What the fuck!?” she yelled. She pushed up on Sansa and slid out from under her.

Tom removed his dick from Sansa’s mouth. “What?”

“Why is your dick out, Tom?” she asked still freaking out.

“How else is Sansa going to give me a blowjob?”

“I’m serious. That is so gross. Why would you do that in front of me?” Zoe sounded mad at him.

Tom wasn’t going to be treated like the bad guy. “After you parade around with your nipples poking through your shirt and in those slut panties, you’re going to try to lecture me about being indecent.”

Zoe covered herself with her hands instinctively. “I’m not taking off my panties and sticking my privates near your face, though.”

If only Tom thought. He said aloud in a raised voice, “I told you this morning I would be fucking the new android first. You’re the one who tried to take her before me. You can fuck her all you want after I’m done. I was being nice by letting you sample her first. If you have a problem with how this is going, go up to your room. As I recall you have a pussy waiting for you up there that you can eat out to your heart’s content. I’ll send Sansa to you when she’s been broken in.”

The whole time Tom was speaking, his dick was still out in the open air. He could have sworn he saw Zoe glance at it a couple times, but he couldn’t press that now with how she was freaking out. His hope of fucking her was diminishing. Zoe took a look at Sansa’s naked body still sitting up on couch, then turned for the stairs to go to Chloe. Her face bright red and her hands still trying to cover half-bare body. Tom watched her go even though he was aware that she knew he was watching.

“Is something wrong, My Lord?” Sansa asked.

Tom picked her up from the couch. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Her tits pressed against his chest and one of his hands supported her ass. “Nothing at all, dear,” he answered. He, then, took her upstairs to the room with the huge bed. Athena was in the room, naked and in a seductive pose, but Tom had Sansa to deflower. He ordered Athena to sit on the edge of the huge bed, find a toy, and masturbate while he fucked her new sister.