Tom dropped Sansa onto the bed and immediately put a hand on her pussy. “Good,” he said. “Your still wet from the tongue bath my daughter gave you.” There was no need for more foreplay. Normally, he would have started by fucking her missionary, but the fictional Sansa’s sex scene came to his mind. It was a rape scene that was hard to watch because of the girl’s character development since her escape from Kingslanding. However, Tom still wanted to replay the scene, just without the rape. Sansa was already naked, but he had her bend over the bed in a similar way to the fictional version. They even had an observer to their sex and Athena was a much better observer than Reek.

Tom pushed his cock into her wet slit. She did not cry out in pain and Athena didn’t have a hard time watching. Instead Sansa moaned as she received his cock and Athena was filled with lust as she fucked herself with a purple dildo. As Tom started pumping into Sansa faster, he slid his hands across her back. He pulled her up just enough to reach his hands under her to knead her tits. As the intense sex went on Sansa called out, “Yes, My Lord. Fuck me harder!”

Tom reached a hand back around and took hold of her hair. He pulled on the auburn beauty causing her to suck in her breath before letting out another wave of pleasurable sounds. Tom’s rhythmic fucking of her cunt increased with every sound she made. And she made a lot. Part of the pleasure factor for Tom was getting to fuck a body he never thought he would be able to fuck or even see nude for that matter since Sophie Turner never actually stripped down on the show like a good girl. Sansa’s screams of pleasure could probably be heard down the hall in Zoe’s room, which made Tom happier than it really should have.

About 10 minutes had past since Tom took Sansa. For the first time, Tom glanced over to Athena. She was still pumping the purple dildo in and out of her pussy. Tom started to open his mouth to order Athena over to spread her pussy in front of Sansa’s mouth, when he saw the door behind her. Tom had closed the door when he brought Sansa in. Now, it was cracked open and two faces were peaking inside. Tom almost laughed; his daughter was so offended at the sight of his dick, but now she was peeping at him fucking a girl. He almost decided to let them be, but an idea came to him. He called Athena in and whispered in her ear.

Athena went to the door. Before the two faces could retreat, she swung in open. Chloe was of course completely nude. Zoe was still wearing the same shirt and panties from before, except her hand was down the front of her panties when Athena opened the door.