“I… I…” Zoe started. She tried to leave, but Athena grabbed her hand. Athena pulled Zoe into the room despite her weak protests. Chloe followed her in and closed the door.

“So, seeing my dick is too much, but seeing me fuck Sansa is alright?” Tom asked sarcastically.

“Fuck off,” Zoe said. She looked away from him and added, “I’m sorry I freaked out. It took me some thought and coaxing from Chloe to realize I was actually turned on at seeing you get a blowjob from Sansa. But it is still gross. I can’t be turned on by that. You’re my father.”

“You wouldn’t have had a hand in your panties if you thought this was gross.”

“I did… I did that for Sansa,” she said. Tom knew it was a lie and a very weak one.

“Girls, help Zoe get off,” Tom said.

“Wait, no,” Zoe protested.

“You said you were here for Sansa so Chloe and Athena will get you off to the sight of Sansa.” That isn’t what Zoe was truly interested in, but Tom played along.

Zoe was about to protest again when Athena kissed her hard. Within a half-minute, Zoe was on the edge of the bed with a girl on either side of her. They were kissing and groping her. Tom went back to fucking Sansa, but this time she was on top.

Zoe had Athena on one side kissing her neck and Chloe on the other side groping her tits outside her shirt. After a few moments, Chloe started to lower the shirt. Zoe came out of her daze and grabbed Chloe’s hand before her nipples could be revealed. She shook her head. Athena stopped kissing her neck to see what was wrong. She then whispered in Zoe’s ear, “It’ll be harder to please you if you restrict us like that. Just watch Sansa and enjoy the sensations we give you, sister.” It was the first time Zoe had been called “sister.” It sent a warm feeling to her pussy that she couldn’t ignore. She was still somewhat conflicted about doing this with Tom in the room, but she finally nodded to Chloe. Chloe pulled down Zoe’s shirt and started sucking one of Zoe’s nipples while playing with the other with her hand.

With Chloe leaning over her tits, Zoe now had a good view of Sansa. The hot red head was impaled on Tom’s dick in reverse cowgirl, facing Zoe. Sansa was leaning forward. Her tits bouncing from the fast-paced fucking she was receiving. Tom’s dick was balls deep inside her. Sansa let out moan after moan, each deeper and longer than the last. It wouldn’t be long before she came on her lord’s dick.

Tom peered around Sansa’s bouncing ass to get a look at Zoe. She now had no shirt on with Chloe kneading her breasts and Athena’s hand down her panties. It was the most skin he had seen from his daughter in person and if Athena did as he bid her, Zoe would be naked in front of him very soon. Zoe caught his eyes staring at her. She quickly averted her gaze and put a hand over the breast that wasn’t in Chloe’s mouth. Tom could see that her face was beat red. He steered his concentration back to Sansa so that his daughter wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable. He had Sansa lean back so that he could reach around her and grope her titties while he fucked her to an orgasm.